Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Praise and Thankfulness are Powerful Weapons!

Praise and thankfulness are powerful weapons, against the evil one! Today as I was once again crying out to God for a breakthrough in what to do for Luke, asking God for His amazing wisdom. I felt like the Lord told me to start praising and thanking Him. I know that Praise is a powerful weapon, it defeats the power of satan and evil in our lives. "Praise is actually the most vital tool to the beginning of miracles!" Satan can not stand to be in our presence when we are offering up our praise to God. I do feel like we've had some victory today. Luke is doing a bit better, last night was once again one of the hardest nights of my life, I literally had to stay by his bed and keep his mouth closed all night for him to be able to breath.

I got a call from Luke's Dr. today saying that the ENT that we thought we would take Luke to, doesn't feel like he want's to see Luke, he feels Luke needs a Pediatric ENT. We are waiting to get a referral to a specialist. I truly believe that God's timing is perfect and we will see this new Dr. on the day that God chooses. I therefore have to rest in God during this time of waiting.

I'm so thankful for all your prayers, my back is feeling all better and Luke is doing better. Please be praying tonight for a restful night, both for Luke of course and for Gordy and myself. Also will you be praying for my sister's grandson, he has been the Hospital for about a week with a respiratory problem, his name is Blake. My sister also found out that her son in law Chris, found out today that he has cancer in his throat. I'm praying today for miracles, will you join me??

Love in Christ,
Luke's Mommy Suzi


dr_bristow said...

Praying along with you, Sue. SO glad to hear your back is better, God is our healer! Praying for Luke's continued healing, for God's timing with the ENT referral, and for Chris' throat and little Brant. So many requests to bring before God, and yet so many opportunities for God's miraculous healing and power to be shown!

Rachel E. said...

So glad to hear that you're all hanging in there. I am continuing to pray for you all--hope that you are not still up to read this comment!

p.s. It's so amazing how God enables us to praise him no matter what is going on in our lives, isn't it?

Tiffany said...

Thank you so much for your reminder about the potent weapons we have in this battle. I, too, found myself in a place of desperation this morning, but you have set me back on track! Will continue praying for Luke's healing, for a great ENT, for your back, and for the requests on your heart.

Blessings, hope, and JOY!