Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sometimes I feel like a broken record, sorry:-(

I want to start by apologizing to you if you feel like you are reading a recent post, because that is what I feel like I'm doing, writing the same thing over and over again. Luke is very, very sick it started yesterday while I was at the Dr.'s office for Zeke and myself. Zeke and Lily have been battling a very sore throat, headache and fatigue all week long, Zeke's tonsils were so big yesterday I took him into to get them checked out and thank goodness no strep, just some nasty virus going around. I went into have my knee checked out as it was swollen and I had been in so much pain the night before that even after taking 4 ibuprofen I was still crying from excruciating pain, thank goodness it's feeling a little better today and Lily is feeling better too, Praise God.
Here's Luke and I at one of his many, many, many Dr. appointments he's been at lately
Not sure what's going on with Luke he just out of the blue began to throw up yesterday during his lunch feeding, I then picked him up so that Gordy could change all the bedding underneath him that had been soiled from throw up and felt he was burning up from fever. His whole body was shaking, I didn't even realize he had a fever, to come to find out it was 104 was terrifying. We immediately gave him some Tylenol praying he would keep that down and I ran to Target to get some Ibuprofen as we often have to do both when dealing with this type of fever.

Needless to say it was a very long, long, long, long night, I didn't climb into bed until 7 am. I called first thing this morning to take him into the Dr. and we are going at 1 pm. Currently his fever is down to 101, his heart rate is down too and he's not needing as much oxygen, which is good news. PLEASE pray with me that we catch whatever he has going on quickly as next week is the retreat.
Here's Amy and her boyfriend Lance at Mt. Rainier last September
Last but not least today is my precious Amy girl's birthday, she is 24 years old. We are planning to have 20+ people over tonight for pizza and birthday cake. Will you please pray that it will be a wonderful birthday, I have much to do today to get the details pulled together for the party and I'm running on just about no sleep. I just have to remind myself that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, over and over again today.

Love in Christ,
Luke's Mommy Sue

PS PLEASE pray for Abbie, she is back in the PICU today. Tiffany is one of the mom's coming to the retreat next week and she needs Abbie to be healthy.

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Michelle said...

Oh Yes! Praying from here. We've had all that a few weeks ago. Snot finally gone..... Emily and I missed our mini-vacation because she started the vomiting and fever the day we were to leave. I was broken-hearted, our one vacation this year. Try to rest when you can. You'll feel better next week.

You guys are in my thoughts and prayers.

Michelle & girls
P.S. I LOVE that picture of you and Luke. You guys are SO beautiful!