Thursday, October 20, 2011

We sure would appreciate extra prayers this weekend

Well it's finally here our 2nd Annual Retreat for Mom's who have a child that has suffered from a near drowning accident. As many of you may recall we had 11 Mom's and 1 Grandma come last year, this year we have 14 mom's coming, along with myself make a total of 15 mom's plus our wonderful, airport runners/cookers/dish washer's Amy & Yoli. We have 5 new mom's coming this year and one mom who could not come back this year, but hopes to come back next year, I hope she does too:-)

I'm very excited for this weekend, but to be honest it's been kind of crazy pulling together all the details and even now I sit here blogging instead of packing my clothes, at least I have all the food packed, along with all the other items I need to take there this year. I hope to get at least a few hours of sleep tonight, before I need to be at the airport tomorrow morning at 9:15 am to pick up Shauna our next mom to come.

Lindsey decided to come in one day early so I went to pick her up at the airport this morning, then we went to Costco to finish the grocery shopping, ate lunch at Taco Time, one of her favorite restaurants, after unloading the van we went to get a pedicure and then to top off our afternoon we each went to get a massage. We then came home to a delicious dinner prepared by Amy. Natalie, Josh and Josh's brother visiting here from Missouri, along with Lance all joined us for dinner so we had a very full fun table tonight. We ended the day playing a card game with Natalie, then packed up the van with all the food stuff and other items we will need this weekend. Now everyone but your's truly is sound asleep while I sit here blogging, did I mention I still haven't packed yet??
Here's Lindsey and I getting a Pedicure, woohoo:-)
After picking up Shauna tomorrow, we are going to Seattle for a little while before heading over the pass to Suncadia. It will just be the three of us before the next four mom's fly in late at night. Then the rest of the mom's come in on Friday. I'm looking forward to sleeping in on Friday morning, it will be everyone for themself for breakfast.

PLEASE keep Luke in your prayers, even though he is doing so much better during the day, his nights are still very challenging to say the least. Amy will be here tomorrow night with Gordy before she heads up to join us mom's, so that means Gordy will be home by himself Friday, Saturday and Sunday night. Thankfully my sister Cindy has volunteered to come over Saturday morning to get Luke up and ready for the day so that way Gordy can have a little extra sleep just in case the nights continue to be a challenge.

On Saturday evening Gordy, Josh and Natalie are taking the kids up for Starlight's Trick or Suite, where the kids will enjoy a carnival atmosphere of games and fun stuff at a very nice hotel in the Seattle area. Josh and Natalie have volunteered to spend the night with Lily, Isaiah and Zeke so that they can have a great time swimming in the pool and enjoying the hotel while Gordy will be bringing Luke home, which will be so much easier than having him stay there too. Sorry I will be missing all the fun but I had already scheduled the retreat before I saw the dates for this fun outing.

Last but not least please keep all the mom's, along with their children and families in your prayers this weekend. Here is the list of who is coming: Annie from OK, who has Izzy, Kehau from HI who has Caleb, Tiffany from HI who has Abbie, Julie from CA who has Joey, Jill from CA who has Seth, Dawn from CO who has Collin, Joanna from GA who has Ethan, Amy from GA who has Jake, Erin from NC who has Aidan, Teresa from UT who has Samuel, Lindsey from AZ who has Santana, Shauna from AZ who has Christian, Lisa from WI who has Brock and Janet from MN who has Travis.

Thank you for your faithfulness, your prayers keep us going:-)
Luke's Mommy Sue

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