Saturday, February 21, 2009

Luke and Washington's weather have a lot in common, they can both change in a matter of minutes!

Gordy made the comment on the way home from the Hospital tonight that Luke and the weather here in Washington have a lot in common, both the weather and Luke can change significantly in a matter of minutes. We went into the ER tonight and the Dr. there didn't think his numbers were as bad as we were told earlier in the evening. Luke looked pretty good and he was actually breathing ok, though he was still on one liter of oxygen. They put a special cannula on him that showed what his carbon dioxide output was and he looked pretty good, though not perfect. The Dr. didn't think that Luke needed to stay at the Hospital and we totally agreed with him, he said that we definitely need to get him into a ENT ASAP to get his tonsils taken care of. I guess there is a new ENT at Mary Bridge so he gave us his number to call, hopefully we will be able to get into see him this up coming week.

Thank you for your prayers, we were put into the same room that Luke had been put into when he was only a week old with RSV. That day we were sent to the Hospital because Luke was not getting better, on our way there we got calls out for prayer and Luke immediately began to improve. The Dr. finally sent us home, wondering why we had thought he was emergency. Praise God for faithful family and friends that know how to call out to God during our times of need.

I'm hoping and praying that our next entry in Luke's blog will be good news!

Love in Christ,
Luke's Mommy Suzi


annie said...

Praise God!

Skinners said...

GOD answers prayer. HE loves us so much!! Thank you LORD for touching Luke!!! I sure do love you all!!

~Aunt Cindy