Friday, February 20, 2009

We are on the way to take Luke to the Hospital, he had some bad blood test results today

I took Luke into the Dr. today and it was decided to run some blood work on him. I just got a call from one of the Docs saying that Luke's carbon dioxide levels are too high and his white blood count is elevated. He said that we need to take Luke into the Hospital so that they can run another blood gas test on him to see exactly what is going on and also find out why his white blood count is high.

Please be praying that they can take care of this situation quickly and that we won't have to be there for long. Also be praying that he won't catch anything while he is there, it kind of freaks me out to take him to the Hospital, so many germs. Would you also say a pray for Lily she has been not feeling so hot the last few days and I hate leaving her at home when she wants "Mama" to hold her.

Thank you for your prayers we sure do appreciate y'all.

Love in Christ,
Luke's Mommy Sue


Rachel E. said...

I am praying for Luke that he will get better soon and that God will protect him from contracting any further illnesses or infections while in the hospital. Hope to hear some good news soon.

dr_bristow said...

Praying for sweet Luke! And for Lily, I remember wanting only Mama as a child if I was sick.

annie said...

I saw your status on fb and kept you guys in prayer last night... just got up and wanted to check in and see how Luke is.