Monday, February 02, 2009

Luke has finally been weaned off his oxygen!

I'm praising God today, Luke is finally doing better. For the first time in 18 days Luke does not need extra oxygen to keep his numbers up. His heart rate is back to normal too. Last night he had a pretty good night, only had to get up twice with him because he was breathing too hard, which made his heart rate go up. I suctioned him and got him comfortable and he was fine for the rest of the night.

I'm looking forward to this week being much better than my last few weeks have been! It will be busy, but at least it will be normal busy. Natalie has been called to serve on Jury duty the next two weeks, I'm hoping that she will not be put on a long drawn out case, she will have to miss teaching her piano students until she is done with her duty. Amy is now working two afternoons a week, along with teaching my YMCA swimming class since I've been on "Luke duty" for the last few weeks, she also took over as the CE Director at our church, yep she's busy. Gordy is hoping to get a full week of work in, since he's missed quite a few days the last few weeks and is wanting to get caught up on his sleep. Isaiah and Ezekiel are getting into a good schedule with homeschooling again, after getting messed up a bit from the craziness of the past few weeks. Lily and the boys are out playing in the sunshine, what a huge blessing today, we've missed the sun here lately. Daniel is doing great, he has a new sweet girlfriend that we all love and his web design business has really been taking off lately. I thought you might enjoy hearing about the rest of the family, since lately all I've said has been devoted to Mr. Lukie man.

We would love to hear from all of you out there in blog land, what you all been up to anyway??

Love ya guys,
Luke's Mommy Sue


Anonymous said...

PRAISING JESUS right along with you!!!!! I am so thankful to read this update. So very thankful. He has been on my heart and in my mind so much these days. :) HUGS~

I would like to talk with you some about your older girls. They inspire me. I may send you an email or message on FB.

Keep praying for me as we keep asking God for that miracle. The last week has been tough but God is faithful and each MORNING I am renewed and refreshed.

I have been dieting and walking since Sept. and I have lost 35lbs I am not at my goal yet. I walk each morning with my ipod and listen to praise music and talk to Jesus. It helps... I am thankful for the weight loss. I haven't share on my blog or on FB but wanted to with you HUGS~

I so wish we could sit and visit... eat some chocolate together and have a coke! :)


annie said...

Hey Suzi!
Glad to hear Luke is on the mend!

Kate said...

Suzi and family,
I check your blog often and pray for Luke as each request comes in. I'm guilty of being a bit of a lurker and seldom post even though I've kept up with your blog from the beginning (I'm on MOMYS) and many times have prayed to the point of tears for precious Luke. (hug) I now have a very sick little one of my own - a 2 yo son who is seriously ill and fragile from a genetic condition. I know how much it means to us to have others comment on his blog, and felt terrible tonight thinking of how often I read without commenting.

Anyway, I just wanted you to know that there is someone else out here loving and praying for you all.

Kate (MOMYS)

Rachel E. said...

I'm so glad to hear that things have been looking up with Luke as of your last update. Has he continued to be stable w/o the extra oxygen? Hope you and your husband have had a chance to catch up on everything you needed to. On my end of "blogland," I am wishing I could have some extra oxygen myself as I've caught a bad cold which always kicks my asthma into high gear. Other than that, school is great, and I am counting down the days until graduation (3 mos 7 days!).