Friday, February 27, 2009

Luke is getting better and better everyday!

I've been meaning to sit down for days and update the blog, I really wanted to wait until I was able to post some pictures, but I don't have time once again, but will soon. Luke is finally doing better, he actually stayed awake most of the day today, which was huge progress since all he wanted to do for the last month was sleep. He has also been weaned off the oxygen during the day and most of the night last night, though tonight he is on a little bit. This is a big answer to prayer, it seems like Lukie man is deciding to come back to us again, Praise God.

Luke's sleep study was an extremely hard night for me, first of all I was unable to see how he was doing the entire time I was there, as they monitored his vitals in a different room. The only way I knew he was not doing well was when a nurse came into say he was desating. I was not happy with the fact that they allowed his oxygen numbers to get so very low before they would do anything about it, he got down to the 70's one time and the 80's on numerous occasions throughout the study. I found out that he would be done around 3:30 a.m. so I asked if we could go home at that time and they said we could, so we were home and in our own beds by 5:00 a.m that morning. I did get a few hours of sleep that night, but not many.

On Thursday morning Luke's Pulmonologist called to let me know the results of his study, they were not good, as expected. He told me that Luke has severe sleep apnea, which means that he is definitely recommending that he get his tonsils and adnoids out as soon as possible. He also told me that Luke was having seizures all through out the night. I wasn't really surprised to hear this as I've thought on numerous occasions recently that I'd seen some seizure activity going on. The Dr. told me he would contact a ENT and Neurologist to get opinions on what should be our next steps. I'm still waiting to hear from these Docs on what exactly will be happening.

I was finally able to get Luke back to Matt the Rolfer today, we hadn't seen him in about two months, we are sad to say today will be our last appointment with him as he is no longer coming to Poulsbo anymore. We might go see him every once in a great while, but since he will be a good 2 1/2 hour drive it is not very convient to say the least. Luke also had a HBOT treatment today, he did great while he was diving and was so alert the entire time. Progress is a great thing!

The last few weeks have really taken a toll on me, I am exhausted, tired, fatigued and plain old worn out. I'm hoping after this weekend I can get caught up on some sleep and relaxation. Tomorrow we are planning a Women's Fun Day for our church, I know it will be a lot of fun, if I can just find the energy. On Sunday we are excited to have some of Gordy's family over, it's been awhile since we've seen some of them and are looking forward to getting caught up with all their news. Monday I'm thinking about finally getting my bathroom painted, its been needing to be done since Daniel tiled the bathtub, after that I should be able to slow down a bit, then again, Tuesday is filled with appointments, but Wednesday is absolutely empty and I'm trying so hard not to fill it up!

Thank you once again for all the prayer support, you all have carried us this past few months, we just couldn't of made it without y'all.

Love in Christ,
Luke's Mommy Suzi

PS If you haven't had a chance to visit the new sites I've added on to Luke's Prayer Links check them out. Noah is a precious little 2 year old that is having a very hard time right now and Mia is a sweet little baby that was born earlier in the month that is needing our prayers today. Check out their sites and let them know you are praying for them, it will mean so much to them to know.


dr_bristow said...

I'm so glad to hear Luke is doing better, I've been checking the blog to see how his sleep study went. I'm praying for wisdom for the doctors and for you and Gordy as you make decisions based on the sleep study results. Our God is mighty to save!
P.S. Thank you so much for adding a prayer link for Baby Mia!

Anonymous said...

I am so thankful to hear Luke is better. Also about his sleep study.

I have decided to pray MORE for Luke. Praying that God will give you both wisdom and that He will indeed bring Luke to complete healing.

I can not even explain how special all of you are.

Sue, you continue to amaze me as you just keep on doing the next thing. I know that is the Lord.

I am praying especially that God will wash over you and renew & refresh you.


annie said...

Wonderful news. I had been wondering about the sleep study... do you think you will consider medication for the seizures?

I hope you get rested up!

Anonymous said...

We continue in prayer for Luke and for you, too. Just wanted you to know that, Sue. : )
Amy Lockwood and the rest of the Alaskan Lockwood crew