Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Two steps forward, three steps back, Luke continues to need your prayers

Luke has a fever again tonight. Last night as I mentioned in the post was a hard night, it continued to be that way pretty much all day. I didn't realize how sick he was and took him over to visit at Tia Yoli's house with Lily, I had planned to take the kids to Mt. Rainier to go sledding, but surprise we had snow today, the road up the mountain was closed. Since the kids couldn't go sledding I decided it would be fun to go to the cheap theater and see a few G rated movies, what could be more fun than seeing a double feature for only $2. Luke stayed on about 1/2 liter of oxygen all day, he slept most of the day, which is not normal for him. When I got Luke home I hooked him up and his numbers were not terrible, but they were not great either.

Tonight his oxcimeter has been alarming often, his heart rate is up again. I'm sure it's because of his fever, it got up to almost 103 degrees tonight. I gave him some Ibuprofen, but he threw up a little right after I gave it to him, so I'm not sure how much he actually kept down. His fever has come down a little bit, along with his heart rate. I am hoping that he will start to get better soon, so that I can get a little sleep tonight.

I've been reading the book "The Shack" it's actually taken me a few months to get through it. It's kind of a controversial book because of the way they portray God. I tell you what though it has ministered to my heart, I love the way it shows God as such a loving Father. It takes the verse that says It's not by works of righteousness that we have done, but it's according to His mercy that He saved us, not sure where that's found at this minute, but I know it's in the Bible, I memorized it when I was a child. It brings that verse to a whole new level, we can't earn God's love, we can't work for it, we just have to except it. Our Father God wants to wipe away all our tears and comfort us, He's not sitting up in Heaven pointing a finger at us accusing us of all our wrong doings, He is calling us to come and sit at His feet and just enjoy His embrace. I've known for years, it's not about religion, it's all about relationship! Anyway I think it's a good book and I would recommend y'all to get a copy of it and read it for yourselves, let me know what you think, I hope it will minister to you as it has to me.

Love in Christ,
Luke's Mommy Suzi

PS I would like to take a minute and brag about my wonderful husband. He had a awesome review today at work, but because of the recession did not receive a raise or bonus, this year. We are thankful he has a job, but have always looked forward to those bonus' they are what keep us ahead in all of Luke's medical bills, which add up to hundreds of dollars each month. I'm so glad we can count on God's math to supply our needs, He's never let us down yet.


annie said...

I felt the same way about the Shack. It was a book that "stuck with me..." for a while. I guess I'm slow but it took me until almost the end of the book to understand why he saw God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit the way he did. But in the end it all made perfect sense and I found it very comforting.

I'm so sorry little Luke is not feeling well. I am praying for Luke!

Rachel E. said...

I loved the Shack. I got to hear Paul Young speak in person when he came to Hawaii and he is a man of such great compassion and caring. I think it's a great novel and helps us to understand how truly "in charge" God is of all that happens in our lives, no matter how hopeless and horrible it may seem at the time. I certainly wish I had read it in the midst of some earlier trials in my life.

Praying for Luke to get better. I just read your comment on Facebook--thank you so much for praying for me as well!

dr_bristow said...

I'm pretty sure I've shared this verse with you before, but it always encourages me:
Psalm 27:13
I am still confident of this: I will see the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living.
It's funny that you should mention "The Shack", I've been wanting to read it for a while now, this family http://emmadunnam.blogspot.com/ talks about it on their blog (their little girl has a fatal metabolic disorder). I'll have to pick up a copy soon. I'm continuing to pray for Luke, thank you for the frequent updates, they give me extra reminders to pray (plus having his name on the sidebar of my blogspot is a good one too) :)
Lots of love,

annb said...

I loved "The Shack"! I couldn't put it down and read through it in one day. I, too, loved the portrayal and know that it was controversial, but I think it used great imagery to describe God. I touched me deeply and I won't soon forget it!
I will be praying for Luke.
In His Love and Blessings,

Jim Knight said...

You can brag all you want. I have never met a finer man and family man than Gordon. It was a privilege and an honor to work with him for almost 17 years!!