Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Blood in Luke's g-tube + Constant suctioning - A Desperate Plea for Prayer

Luke could really use your prayers today. Last night was another nightmare night with constant suctioning and alarms going off. I then noticed around 4 am after giving him some water in his g-tube he threw up what looked like some blood and had dark stuff coming out of his g-tube. I've already put a phone call into his Gastronologist, waiting to hear back from them on what we should do, nurse was thinking that I will probably need to take him in today.

I'm also trying to patiently wait to hear back from his Pediatrician, who said he would call today with the results from all the lab work Luke had done yesterday.

I am desperate for some answers for what is going on with Luke, I just don't know how many more all nighters I can endure. I'm leaning hard on God's supernatural strength today, it's the ONLY thing that has given me the strength to get out of bed and be able to calm my racing heart and settle the sickness in the pit of my stomach.

Please join with me today in praying for a miraculous touch from Jesus, He is able!

Love in Christ,
Luke's Mommy Sue


Ariele said...

Dear Lord, Please be with Luke. Comfort his body, heal his body and restore him completely. Please be with Luke's doctors. Give them wisdom to clearly diagnose Luke and guide them on the best medications to help his body. Finally, Abba I ask you to give supernatural strength to Sue, Your peace of mind, the faith and trust she needs to remember that you love Luke more than she does and the ability to rest in Your arms in her darkest hours. I ask that you surround Sue with the body of Christ in action--people who can meet the tangible needs around her. I thank you that You love her and her family and that nothing happens without Your knowledge or outside of Your plan. Thank you for understanding her pain of loving a son as You watched Him suffer. We love You and we ask Your Glory to shine through this sickness. In Jesus Name, Amen

Perfect Peace said...

I'm sorry Sue. I will be praying!

Anonymous said...

Hope you can get some answers that will help Luke. Hope you will be able to get some good nights of sleep too.


Teena said...

Sue, praying... lifting him up to the Lord. Praying for God to touch him.

Love you!