Saturday, August 06, 2011

Luke's Roller Coaster ride has been trending way down this week, please pray that this trend will turn around

Oh my goodness, it's been a crazy ride on Luke's roller coaster this week, going down way more than going up:
It went way down: Saturday night as I was up all night suctioning Luke, responding every few minutes to his alarms going off.

It continued to go down:
Sunday when we dealt with Luke throwing up all day long, Gordy went to the store to buy Pedialyte and finally Luke kept that down, Praise God.

It started to go up a bit:
Monday Luke seemed to be doing a little better, his numbers were better and he was keeping his food down.
Though then it went back down when Isaiah stepped on a nail and Gordy had to take him in to get a tetnus shot.
It went back up a bit that night when Amy and I had a mom and daughter date, we went out to eat and to a movie, fun times.

It started out down again
: Tuesday when I had to take Isaiah into the Dr. because his foot was so painful he couldn't walk without crying out in pain,
then it went back up again when we found out that there was no infection in Isaiah's foot, just going to be painful a few days because the nail went so deep.
It continued to go up that day as I went on a beautiful hike at Mt. Rainier with Natalie, Josh and my niece Janell.
It plummeted way down as I fell down during the hike, hurting myself, but I so thankful to be alive with no broken bones.

It was pretty even on:
Wednesday, Luke woke up doing pretty good, I had to run some errands,
then it went back down when I found out that I had torn a muscle in my shoulder and realized just how much pain I was in from my fall the previous day.

It went back down
: Thursday morning when I was woke up to alarms going off, Luke's nose was running none stop and coughing out thick yellow gunk,
then it went back up as I realized that I woke up without a lot of the pain that I had gone to bed with the night before,
It then went into high speed as I spent four hours in the kitchen making Luke's food, so thankful for my sister Jill who washed all the dishes that day, for Amy who kept both of our Vita Mixes going, for Janell who helped juice the carrots along with so many other tasks, for Jamison who helped strain food, for Natalie who helped strain food and keep things going and for Isaiah who helped peel and cut up all the fruits and veges we put into the food.
It went way down as we put Luke into bed realizing that he a high fever, his heart rate was soaring and his oxygen levels way too low, we had another very long night.

It continued to go down on:
Friday as I realized that Luke was not doing better, so I got him into see the Dr. and
continued to go down even farther as I heard my back pop as I was helping to hold him during his x-ray, it was only God's supernatural strength that I was able to get him back into his chair and into his car seat to go home, the Dr. diagnosed Luke with pneumonia and gave him a antibiotic and asked me if I wanted to admit him into the hospital, I of course said, no that I felt comfortable to keep him at home.
It continued to stay down most of the day as Luke's need for oxygen continued to stay high, along with his high heart rate.
It went back up a bit at bed time Luke seemed to be doing better.

It went back down:
Saturday morning when his numbers were once again back to where they were yesterday morning, but we are hoping and praying that today he will make a turn for the better so that we can end this week with
it going back up.

So there you go as you can see from the trend Luke's roller coaster ride has not been very fun to be on this week, in fact I would say that it's been really nightmarish at times. Please pray for Luke to get better and that we could trend up once again on this journey that we have traveled on for sooooo long.

Love in Christ,
Luke's Mommy Sue


Jean said...

Continuing to lift you guys up in prayer. Lord--heal little Luke's lungs, and please help everyone to sleep well tonight.

Love & Hugs

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