Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Here is the list of ladies coming in two days for the retreat, PLEASE keep them and their children in your prayers

I am going to list the mom's coming, with their prayer requests once again. People keep asking me if there is anything they can do to help get things ready for this weekend and I've been telling them JUST PRAY, it's all that we really need, unless our children are healthy this weekend won't happen!

Jill Hostetler
from California, she has two beautiful children, Autumn and Seth. Seth had his near drowning accident when he was 21 months old on September 15, 2002 to read more about Seth you can go to Seth has been very sick the last few weeks and they are finally getting him stabilized, please be praying that Jill will still be able to come even though Seth has been having such a hard time.

Peggy Hostetler from California, who is married to Gene, she is Jill's mom, grandma to Seth and many other children and grandchildren. Her husband Gene is the Founder of the Hugs Foundation which is for near drowning children who suffer neurological damage to the brain after the accident occurs. Through the HUGS foundation they have raised a lot of money to help support the families of near drowning children, for more information about HUGS go to

Tiffany Vara from Hawaii, who is married to Ray, they are blessed with 5 amazing children, Caleb, Kyle, Chase, RJ and Abbie. Abbie had her near drowning accident when she was 2 years old on May 3, 2004 to read more about Abbie's journey just go to Tiffany has graciously allowed us to use their vacation home in Eastern Washington, of which we are all so thankful. I know that Abbie is having ear tubes put in Thursday morning, please pray all goes smoothly with that procedure and for her to stay healthy while Tiffany is gone.

Annie Pettigrew from Oklahoma, who is married to Matt, they are blessed with 4 beautiful children, Amanda, Bailey, Emelia, and Isabelle. Isabelle had her near drowning accident when she was 21 month's old on May 16, 2004, to read more about her journey just go to Annie woke up yesterday to a bad back, please pray it will feel better today. Also be praying that all will go smoothly with feeding Izzy while Annie's gone, Izzy takes her food best from her mama.

Sue Searles from Washington, who is married to Gordy, they have 7 amazing children, a son in law and daughter in law, Daniel (Sarah), Amy, Natalie (Josh), Isaiah, Ezekiel, Luke and Lily. Luke had his near drowning accident when he was 17 month's old on August 30, 2004 to read more about Luke's journey go to Praise God Luke is doing so much better, please continue to pray that he will stay healthy while Sue is gone and that he will sleep good so that Gordy will be able to get through the weekend with some sleep.

Teresa Jewkes from Utah, who is married to Tom, they have 5 wonderful boys Tanner, Wesley, Ben, Samuel and Nathan. Samuel had his near drowning accident when he was 2 years old on July 19, 2005 to read more about his journey go to Please pray for Teresa to get everything done that needs to be done before she takes off, she's had a extremely busy few weeks.

Lindsey Black from Arizona, who is married to James, they have 3 busy sons Jett, Santana and Tyree. Santana had his near drowning accident when he was 22 months old on December 16, 2006 to read more about his journey you can go to Lindsey has not been feeling well for quite awhile she is very dizzy often and has been dealing with some horrible headaches, I know that Santana has also been very congested lately and her 3 year old son Tyree was knocked down by one of their very large dogs and broke his Clavicle bone yesterday, this family is in desperate needs of some prayers right now.

Julie Stafford from California, who is married to Jeremy, she has Jessica, Jack and Joey. Joey had a near drowning accident when he was 18 month's old on January 16, 2007 to read more about Joey's journey you go to Please be praying that everyone in her family stay healthy while she is gone.

Kehau Egdamin
from Hawaii, who is married to Brandon have two precious sons Caleb and Micaiah. Caleb had a near drowning accident when he was 3 years old on March 6, 2007 to read more about Caleb's journey go to Kehau wasn't sure she would be able to come to the retreat because she is pregnant but her Dr. told her that she would be fine, what great news. Please be praying that she will have the strength to get everything done that she needs to do before leaving, also for her family to all stay healthy.

Erin McSwain Wright from North Carolina, who is married to Russell, they have 3 sweet children Aidan, Evan and Graceyn. Aidan had a near drowning accident just 5 days short of his 2nd Birthday on February 16, 2008 you can read more about his journey at Please pray that Erin will get everything that needs to be done before she leaves completed and that all will go smoothly as she leaves her family, especially leaving her little baby girl.

Joanna Barona from Georgia, who is married to Guillo Barona, they have Ethan. Ethan had a near drowning accident when he was 21 months old on May 12, 2008, you can read more about his journey at Please keep them in your prayers that they will all stay healthy while Joanna is in Washington.

Sabine Summerville from Texas, who is married to Bill they have been blessed with 8 children, Samantha, Grace, Audrey, Evan, Jacob, Lauri Anne, Michael & Joseph. Michael had his near drowning accident when he was 21 months old on October 15, 2008, you can read more about his journey at As you can see by the date above Michael just passed his 2 year anniversary of the day he nearly drowned, I know this can be a hard time of the year as all the memories of that day and time around the accident can overwhelm you with grief, please be praying for Sabine as she gets through this time.\

I would love to share with the ladies coming just how many of you are praying for our weekend. Would you be willing to leave a comment to let me know that you are praying? I'm so thankful for all you who faithfully keep Luke and our family in your prayers, they are what keep us going:-]

Love in Christ,
Luke's Mommy Sue


Rachel E. said...

I'm praying! Thank you for sharing this with us.

kelly said...

I think this is such a wonderful gift to them! I am praying for the children's health so that these amazing women can enjoy fellowship and a much deserved retreat! I pray everything goes perfectly!! Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

God's blessings to the ones getting this together and the one that offered the home in which to gather.

I will be praying for each and every one of you (I pray EVERYONE will be able to make it) as you get together for this very special time. I pray that there will be much laughter AND healing tears. What better way to share your happiness AND your burdens then with women who truly are your 'sisters'.

I pray that your little ones at home will remain healthy so you all can concentrate on healing yourselves.

Abundant blessings to all of you attending the retreat...God is Good!


Anonymous said...

I pray each Mom feels God's love for her in a personal way. That each Mom will be refreshed, encouraged and blessed by this weekend. Praying for the Dad's (Grandmas?) who will be doing the caregiving while Mom's away.

rox said...

I shall be praying with You all ☺
what a beautiful wonderful support you all are to each other .

Anonymous said...

Safe journey, my friends.-Kate Ousley

Anonymous said...

Excited for the women that are coming and covering them and their families in prayer. Lord may they all stay healthy and feel a release to be away from their families.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the details, Sue.
Asking our Father for peace and rest for these women. -Laura