Monday, November 08, 2010

Thank you once again for your prayers, they are so POWERFUL!!!

I just wanted y'all know that your prayers are so powerful, Luke is doing so much better, I wouldn't say he is 100% better, but close to it. Today he did a lot of yelling, like for hours upon hours and he was not easy to bend at all his tone was kicking into high gear, but I could tell he was so much better.

God answered my prayer quickly, after I posted what I did about sure wishing I had a nurse for Luke, my sweet wonderful daughter Natalie told me that she would skip our class and come and watch Luke for me. I'm soooo blessed to have such wonderful daughters!

I was able to get a full night sleep last night, it was extremely needed as I was so very tired after not getting hardly any sleep the night before. It kind of scares me when I wake up in the morning and Gordy says to me didn't you hear Luke alarming at all last night? Nope I didn't I guess God knew that if I didn't get some sleep I would of fallen over with exhaustion. Needless to say Gordy went to bed by 9 tonight it's his turn to get some much needed sleep.

I'm so excited that in5 short days all the mom's for the retreat will be flying in. After dreaming about, praying about and hoping to do something like this for so many years the realization that it is finally going to happen is so HUGE and wonderful. Please continue to lift up the mom's (Jill, Peggy, Tiffany, Annie, Teresa, Kehau, Lindsey, Julie, Joanna, Erin, Sabine), coming I know that many of them having been dealing with some huge obstacles this week, getting here for them is going to be monumental. God is so good, the last minute details for the weekend are falling into place, God's provision for this weekend has been HUGE. I'm so thankful for so many of the wonderful blog readers that donated money for this weekend, you will always hold a dear place in my heart for your generosity.

Love in Christ,
Luke's Mommy Sue

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