Sunday, November 07, 2010

Today is one of those days that I wish I had nursing help

After a long day of Luke doing better, than not so good, than better, than not so good, than better, yep another long ROLLER COASTER ride, one that I would rather not be on! I decided not to take him in yesterday to Urgent Care because I thought we are just dealing with a bad cold and there is probably nothing they could do for him. Then last night I was once again kicking myself for not getting him in, it was another nightmare night. Luke basically was either, coughing, gagging, yelling or alarming all night, I pulled another all nighter, didn't get to bed until 5 am. Of course there was no sleeping in for me today, had to get up to get the kids ready to go to church, yep I'm officially tired.

Well I finally decided to call the consulting nurse and ask her whether we should take Luke into the Urgent Care today, after telling her that Luke is not on any extra oxygen today, that he has not been running a high fever only a low grade one and that he doesn't sound like it's in his chest she said that she thought he has a bad cold and I would agree with that assessment. She said to only take him in if he gets worse through out the day. BUT I along with the rest of our church are praying for a healing touch from Jesus upon Luke today, would you please join us today, our prayers are powerful, they WORK.

Gordy and I got some free tickets through Starlight to go to the Seahawks game today, but I decided that I could not leave Luke the way he is today, so he took Zeke with him. I'm glad they are having this father/son day, I'm praying it will be a super fun time for them. Amy told me that she and Lance wanted to take Lily and Isaiah to the Zoo today, so they are taking off after church. That leaves me home with Mr. Lukerman, I was just sitting here thinking that today would be a great day for a nurse to come in to help with Luke since all the people that would be comfortable with him the way that he is right now are taking the Financial Peace class at our church this afternoon. The same class that I really want to go to today. Oh well, enough of my pity party, I just have to cling tightly to the joy of the Lord being my strength today.

Only 5 more days until the mom's retreat, please keep praying for all the mom's and their children to be healthy this week so that they will all be able to come.

Love in Christ,
Luke's Mommy Sue


Michelle said...

Suzi, I'm here. I've been at an embroidery class for the last two days. I'll be here praying for Luke tonight.


Lori in KY said...

Hang in there! It's so hard, I know. I'm sorry Luke's sick and I wish you had help available. Lean on Jesus. Praying for His healing touch and comfort, as well as refreshment, rest, and peace for you!