Thursday, October 14, 2004

Blessed be the name of the Lord

Blessed be the name of the Lord!

We went to the Dr the other day and it went well. The doctor agreed to reduce the nursing to 16 hours/day. This is great news. Since Luke came home from the hospital, we have had a nurse in the house 24 hrs / day with a couple exceptions. It is nice to be able to have a little family time alone. Luke seems to be swallowing more and more each day, thank you for praying. The doctor said that they would not do another test to check his swallowing before spring. My hope and prayer is not only will Luke be swallowing, but that he will walk into the Dr office at that visit. We seem to be finding some routine in the midst of all of this, although at times its hard to be sure.

Sue and the baby girl are doing well. Last night the baby was kicking big time. In spite of that, Sue was able to get a good block of sleep, in fact she is still sleeping.

Amy turned 17 yesterday and we will be celebrating her birthday on Saturday when Daniel is home from school. Happy Birthday Amy, we Love You!

You might be wondering why I titled this post "Blessed be the name of the Lord". Well, it is the name of a song written by Matt Redman and recorded by a group Tree 63. This song has been a real encouragement to me. At times I begin to look at the circumstances instead of keeping my eyes on Jesus and as a result, I become discouraged. I find that when I listened to this song and choose to Bless the name of the Lord, that I am the one that gets blessed. One evening I was listening to this song and I thought about Job and so I decided to read the book of Job. Job is a man of God that is very prosperous. In the first chapter Satan gets permission to attack Job and takes all of Job's livestock and kills all of his childerern (10). To say that Job's response in Job 1:20-22 surprised me would be an understatement. He falls to the ground and worships God. He acknowledges God's sovereignty to "give and take away". Then he chooses to bless the name of the Lord. Wow! In the last part of v22 it says "....nor charge God with wrong." In other words he didn't blame God for what he was going through. It was through the act of worship and choosing to Bless the name of the Lord, that Job found freedom from his troubles.

In Job 2:9 Job's wife says to him "...curse God and die!" Job's response is amazing. He says to her "Shall we indeed accept good from God, and shall we not accept adversity?” Wow! Accept adversity, now this is a foreign concept to most of us.

As I have meditated on this song and Job's situation, it has been a huge victory for me. As I began to choose to Bless the name of the Lord and accept the adversity that I am (we are) going through, there is a freedom that comes with it. It is not to say that there are not moments of challenge, trial and discouragement, but when they come, it is a matter of acknowledging Him and Blessing his Name. It is a choice that each of us has to make each day, what will you choose? We are to pickup our cross daily and follow him. I am not sure what cross he has given for you to bear, but I do know that if you will let him, he will help you bear it. I recently read a quote that says "The will of God will not take you where the grace of God cannot keep you." God does not give us more then we are able to bear. What will you choose today? Will you choose to Bless the name of the Lord and follow Him? Or will you go it alone and struggle under the weight of a mighty cross. Join me on this journey we call life and choose to follow Him. If you are not sure how, then send me an e-mail at and we can talk more about it one on one.

Thank you Matt for writing the song and thank you Job for living it.
Here are the words to the song by Matt Redman

Blessed Be Your Name
(Verse 1)
Blessed be Your Name, in the land that is plentiful,
Where the streams of abundance flow, blessed be Your Name.
Blessed be Your Name, when I’m found in the desert place
When I walk through the wilderness, blessed be Your Name.
Every blessing You pour out I’ll turn back to praise,
When the darkness closes in, Lord, still I will say,
Blessed be the Name of the Lord, blessed be Your Name
Blessed be the Name of the Lord, blessed be Your glorious Name
(Verse 2)
Blessed be Your Name, when the sun’s shining down on me
When the world’s all as it should be, blessed be Your Name
Blessed be Your Name, on the road marked with suffering
Though there’s pain in the offering, blessed be Your Name
Every blessing You pour out I’ll turn back to praise
When the darkness closes in, Lord, still I will say
You give and take away, You give and take away,
My heart will choose to say, Lord, Blessed be your name

Matt Redman & Beth Redman
© 2002 Thankyou Music


A. said...

We should all go ahead and praise God for the wonderful things I know He will do for Luke. Thank God for His promise that we will never have to be on our own. When we request things from God, thank Him in advance for fulfilling that request in His own time.

If You Want Me To
Ginny Owens

The pathway is broken and the signs are unclear
And I don't know the reason why you brought me here
But just because you love me the way that you do
I'll walk through the valley if you want me to

Cause I'm not who I was when I took my first step
And I'm clinging to the promise you're not through with me yet
So if all of these trials bring me closer to you
Then I'll go through the fire if you want me to

It may not be the way I would have chosen
When you lead me through a world that's not my home
But you never said it would be easy
You only said I'd never go alone

So when the whole world turns against me and I'm all by myself
And I can't hear you answer my cries for help
I'll remember the suffering your love put you through
And I will go through the darkness if you want me to

I sing this song in church often, and I sing it to myself when I feel I'm having a rough time. I hope it helps you.

Mommy_2 said...

I thought I'd share a song by The Crabb Family with you that has helped us in dealing with many circumstances in our lives. We lost my mother-in-law to cancer two years ago (after the Lord blessed us with her for 9 years after the doctors gave her a 6 mo-year to live...doctors don't know everything :) Anyway, the song became a steadfast for us when we didn't know what else to do and it reminded us that God is always there for us pulling us through...


So many times I've question certain circumstances or things I could not understand.
Many times and trials weakness blurs my vision and my frustration gets so out of hand.
Its then I am reminded I've never been forsaken, I've never had to stand the test alone.
As I look at all the victories the spirit rises up in me, its through the fire my weakness is made strong.

He never promised that the cross would not get heavy and the hill would not be hard to climb.
He never offered our victories without fighting but He said help would always come in time.
Just remember when you're standing in the valley of decision and the adverary says give in;
Just hold on, our Lord will show up, and He will take you through the fire again.

I know within myself that I would surely parish, but if I trust the hand of God He'll shield the flames again, again.

He never promised that the cross would not get heavy and the hill would not be hard to climb.
He never offered our victories without fighting but He said help would always come in time.
Just remember when you're standing in the valley of decision and the adversary says give in;
Just hold on, our Lord will show up, and He will take you through the fire again.
So just hold on, our Lord will show up, and He will take you through the fire again.

Through the Fire
Gerald Crabb

You can hear the song on this web site...

We continue to pray for Luke and your family, believing...knowing, that God is going to fully restore him and he WILL walk into the doctor's office in the Spring and be a living testimony for the Lord's healing power!!!!

The Tilleys

Mommy_2 said...
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Mommy_2 said...
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Mommy_2 said...
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Mommy_2 said...

Sorry about all the misposts :) My computer was having a fit :)

God bless,
Darla Tilley

Cam & Kristen - Osaka said...

Great piece, Gordy! Thanks for the encouragement! I hope many read what you have to say, spoken from the keyboard of a man who can relate to Job more than most of us. It carries spiritual beef to the palate of the heart.
We lift you guys up frequently, and praise God with you for the baby steps that are being made in Luke's progress.
Happy Birthday, Amy!!!

nicole said...

AMEN MR. SEARLES! I am totally going to be agreeing with you that little Lukey will be walking into that doctors office in the spring! It is going to be awesome to see the work the Lord will be doing in His life. The Lord also placed it on my heart to fast and pray for Luke every Tuesday for the next 6 months. Longer if need be. Psalm 107:19-22 says "Then they cried out to the Lord in their trouble, And He saved them out of their distresses. He sent His word and healed them, And delivered them from their distructions. Oh, that men would give thanks to the Lord for His goodness, and for his wonderful works to the children of men! Let them sacrifice the sacrifices of thanksgiving, And declare His works with rejoicing!" Love you so much Searles! Nicole J.

Bart Nelson said...

Hello Searles family - I haven't responded in aa while and thought it was about time. : - )) Godry - I loved your post. You have lived it (so have I) but you haven't had the glorious end Job had, yet. It is coming and your righteouse responses to the Lord facilitate that end.

I join you in believing Luke will walk into those Drs. offices, giving glory to God. I know most of them probably didn't believe God would bring Luke this far, and thay ain't seen nothin' yet!!!! God and the family willing, I would love to hear Luke's first sermon. I know God is going to use him mightily (I don't know if you remember my first post, you've had so many?).

So, when that day comes, please email me ( the time and place and God willing, I will be there, with hundreds of others, cheering him on.

You are all doing so well in the Lord and things are only going to get better and better. Pr. 4.18 But the path of the just is like the shining sun, that shines ever brighter unto the perfect day.

God's best blessings on each of you, phyiscally, mind, will, and emotionally, financially, relationally and spiritually - in Jesus' all powerful name - Bart

Aletheia said...

Dear Searles family,
You don't know me, but we both know Jesus, so I just wanted to let you know that I'm one of the many praying for Luke every day.

Jill said...

Hey Gordy & Sue,

It has been awhile since I've commented, but that doesn't mean I'm not reading and praying. I have been praising the Lord with you that Luke has finally swallowed. The picture that came to mind is one of a little child learning to walk. They learn the first basic steps, like balancing, walking around furniture, etc. But, then their brain remembers those basic steps and pretty soon they are walking and running on their own. Luke's done one swallow, and now a little more, and I think that through God's help his brain is remembering what it needs to do. Hallelujah! One more thing, I think that it is a Spirit thing that this song is planted in your heart Gordy. For the last month, this has been John's too. He especially likes how Matt Redman brings the positive and negative together in the song. I believe God is bringing His children into a greater dimension of praising and worshipping Him, even in the midst of all our trials. Praise Him that He remains faithful and His character of who He is never changes!

Singing with you,


Nancy said...

Hi Gordy, Sue & family,
Sounds like things are looking up. Luke is swallowing more and you're going to have a little more privacy with the nursing hours reduced. Happy Birthday to Amy. Enjoy your celebration on Saturday.
Halifax, Nova Scotia is being blessed this weekend with the Franklin Graham Festival. It's going to be great. Just so happens, one of the bands playing is Tree 63. I hope they sing this song. I'll be sending up my prayers for Luke and your family this weekend. Just wondering when your baby girl is due? Take care.

Julie in NC said...

Hello Little Luke, I am so glad that Jesus keep drawing your Daddy and Mom close to him.....the blessings will pour down! You guys have a great weekend and enjoy the blessing of your Sister. Our prayers are with you all. Shane, Julie and Children

Teresa H said...

Thank you Gordy for that inspiring word. It is so wonderful to see Luke at church and see him making such wonderful progress. As always, you all will continue in our prayers.

You have no idea how much i needed to read what you had to say. Today has just been a rough day for me, and I needed a reminder Who was in charge in my life :) I will be remembering to praise God no matter what our circumstance.

God Bless you all! -Teresa

Teena from GA said...

Thank you, Jesus for Luke!! Thank you, Father for his baby steps.... YES, LORD , YES.... we all stand in awe of YOU. YOU will do great and mighty things!


your friends from GA
Billy, Teena, Michael 19, Mandi 15, Dakota 11, Alyssa 7,Wyatt 2 1/2, Wesley 15 months
oh, and we love that song too!!!

Julie in NC said...

Hello, Prayers being lifted up in NC today for you and your sweet family! Blessings, Shane, Julie and Children

CF in AZ said...

What a godly response brother. How pleasing it must be to Our Lord to hear your heart and to confess it with your lips. I have not stopped checking on Luke. I forgot my code name and am not very good on a computer, so had a hard time retrieving it. I am praising the Lord for His perfect plan for Luke Searles. Also praising God for new life, new hope. May God continue to use your family in such a significant, eternal way.... in lives you may never even know you touched. All our love, CF in AZ

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