Thursday, October 07, 2004

Continue to pray!

Your prayers matter, please continue to pray. Luke swallowed once yesterday! This is a big deal, thank you Lord. Thank you to each of you that is praying for Luke.

Here is a list of our current prayer needs:
  • Luke is not sleeping well at night, only a few (3-4) at a time. Please pray he will sleep through the night.
  • Pray that Luke will regain his ability to swallow and cough.
  • Luke needs to be suctioned upwards of 30 times each day, please pray that he wont need to be suctioned as much, or at all, if he would swallow and maintain his airway.
  • We still have not settled into a routine with the night nurses, every other night we have a new nurse that we have not meet before. Please pray that we will be able to establish a routine.
  • Please pray that Sue will be able to get good sleep each night. Many nights when Luke doesn't sleep she will get up for a few hours and rock him. Needless to say, this affects the quality of her sleep.
  • Please pray for wisdom for Sue and I as there are many decisions we have to make each day regarding Lukes care, in addition to all of the normal decisions of life.

Thank you for your prayers, I wish I could talk face to face with each of you and thank you in person for seeking the Lord on Luke's behalf.

Jer 29:11 NKJV For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.

Our hope is in God, thank you for coming along side us.


Jasmyn said...

Thanks for updating us on the prayer requests. It's helpful to know specifically what we should pray for.
What great news that Luke swallowed yesterday!!

Grandma Barb - Nice poem! :-)

lockwoods said...

Praise The Lord!!! What wonderful news that Luke swallowed!!! Oh, Heavenly Father, please continue to heal this beautiful little boy! Give his family strength. Help Sue to be able to rest at night. Give them caring, reliable nurses to come and help with Luke. Make the insurance company work with them. Most of all, have Your hand on Luke and cause him to fully recover. You are a God of miracles. You are a God of Hope! In Jesus' name, Amen!
Thank you for keeping us updated.
Love in Christ-
Amy Lockwood

Nancy said...

Thanks for the update. Wonderful news that Luke swallowed. I'll continue to pray for all your prayer needs. Funny you should quote that passage from the bible. A few weeks ago I was having a small problem. I prayed that God would send me an answer. I read that same quote five different times in one day, and everything worked out as I pray it will for Luke and your family. Take care of yourselves.

Shelly Larsen said...

Praise God on Luke swallowing. May God help luke to swallow more today! Lord, we ask for your wisdom for the desecions that need to be made. May you give them knowledge and reassurance with each item they deal with.We ask for sleep for Sue and for Luke. May they rest in your peace, may your arms surround them holding them close.Lord bring routine to their household with the nurses. Provide for them the right people,the trust and the responsiblity that comes with the nurses postion so that the family can rest and rely on the help of the nurses.Lord we continue to petion for Lukes complete healing. We come before you and ask for your touch upon his body.May his senses, nerves, musles, brain cells, breathing, swallowing, movement all return to completeness. May he be such a testamony of your ability and love to those around him and those to come in his life in the future. Bless him and his family Lord and I Thank you personally for how this family has touched my life by their faith and trust in you. Praise you Jesus! Thank you for the work you are doing and the work to come! Amen...

The Meltons said...

We have been praying for all of you since we found out about Luke (we are Jesse & Rebekah's Pastors in Georgia). How exciting that there have been miracles! We are expecting many more!!!!

Katie said...

You should have heard the cheer that went up when I read today's update to my family!! The kids are now composing a new praise song about Baby Luke swallowing. :-)

We are continuing to pray daily for your family.

- The CO Lundquists

Mommy_2 said...

Praise the Lord! One swallow is just the beginning!

Thank you for sharing your specific needs...we are praying that all are met.

Love to Luke and your family,

The Tilleys

Deanna McManus said...

Thank you so much for the update. =)

Good job Luke! Now you just keep on swallowing! Honey, you are not going to need that suctioning! God is healing you sweetie!!!

We are with you daily in prayer! (and on the Web)

From our family to Yours,

~ Deanna McManus and Family ~
~ Scotts Valley, California ~ =)

Deanna McManus said...

Thank you so much for the update. =)

Good job Luke! Now you just keep on swallowing! Honey, you are not going to need that suctioning! God is healing you sweetie!!!

We are with you daily in prayer! (and on the Web)

From our family to Yours,

~ Deanna McManus and Family ~
~ Scotts Valley, California ~ =)

Robert said...

Congratulations Luke! Way to go, good buddy! Please keep coming back....Bob

~Misha's Family~ said...

WAY TO GO swallowing Luke!! If Mom and Dad saw you do it that only means that they caught you doing it!! Chances are you've done it before and they just missed it. Continuing to pray for Luke and the Searles family!

~Misha's Family~

Teena from GA said...

YES!!! Way to go, Luke!!! God is so good... PRAISE THE LORD.... HIS FAITHFULNESS IS AWESOME! We keep checking and seeing how all of you are! We are so thankful for the blog and for you sharing. Our love and prayers are with you.

We love you all!!! HUGGS for Luke!
your friends from GA
Billy, Teena, Michael 19, Mandi 15, Dakota 11, Alyssa 7, Wyatt 2 1/2, Wesley 14 months

april said...

God is Good!
your family stays in my prayers. I am glad to have an update to know specifics. Keep the faith.

LoFenton said...

Thank you Jesus for what You have done, and what You are still doing with Luke. Like the song says, "In the name of Jesus, we have the victory". We pray continually for you day and night and cannot wait until the day that you are up and running around again, cause I know that day is coming soon!!

Also we are praying for you Sue that you will get the rest you need. Can you may be get a nap in the day to help even out the night?

Love you all so much and miss you!

Lonnie and Lori.

Bert said...

AWESOME!!!! The fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much! James 5:17 GOD is so faithful to his promises. We will continue to press in for Little Luke. Also for Sue. The Lord gave me this scripture for you yesterday, and I feel bad that I got distracted and never posted it.

He gives power to those who are tired and worn out; he offers strength to the week. Even the youth will become exhausted , and young men will give up. But those who wait on the Lord will find new strength. They will fly high on wings like eagles; They will run and not grow weary; They will walk and not faint. Isaiah 40:29-31

I pray that God will multiply your sleep, That the sleep you do get will be a deep, restful sleep that is able to sustain you and the baby for each day.

Michelle M said...

Hi. I am Michelle the mother of Kanen who is one of Rena and Joe's grandsons. I just heard the news and I am really sorry. I want to offer my ear to listen and my shoulder if you need one to cry or lean on. I so know what you are going through as my son has very similar symptoms as Luke. And believe me, I am also praying for the sleep schedule to change from being awake at night to sleeping at night. :) My son Kanen also has a feeding tube and takes numerous medications for seizures, acid reflux, secretions and a few other things. I am so excited that Luke swallowed. That is a very big accomplishment. Kanen can swallow but has a hard time if his secretions get too much and then needs to be suctioned. I bet you feel like it's a hospital at home with all the equipment you now need. I felt the same way, like a hospital and a pharmacy. I always feel weird coming out of the pharmacy with my sons medications. I feel like everyone is starring at me because I have this huge grocery bag full of meds. But you do what you have to do as a parent. I saw the picture you had online here with Luke in a wheelchair/stroller. I giggled as it looks just like the one my son has. I love it. It is perfect for him and gives him all the support he needs. I could ramble on but I am sure you have enough to deal with right now. If you ever need a brake (which I am sure you do) I would just love to meet your little guy and watch him so you could go out to dinner or even just sleep for a few hours. I am obviously experienced with a little guy like Luke, and I am CPR and First Aid trained and have a suction machine, oxcimeter and oxygen at home. I am also able to give injections if needed. Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I am here if you ever need anything. Luke and his family will be right beside Kanen in my prayers. God Bless you and little Luke and keep your chin up. Remeber, you are not alone.

Michelle, Kanen and Deidre Mohrland

bobbig said...

I am so glad Luke is steadily getting better.I am
praying for all that you have desired. God Bless you all. love Bobbi

reeders said...

Praise You Lord for what You are doing for Lil' Luke. Thank You Father that you have caused him to swallow again!! Hallelujah! God, we give You all the glory and we ask God that You continue to heal this sweet little one of Yours. Thank You for a precious night of sleep and a regular schedule to settle in with the nurses who are caring so wonderfully for Luke.

Thank you Gordy and Sue for keeping us all updated on your precious baby Luke. It is so wonderful to be able to pray for his specific needs. Thank you for your faithfulness to your sisters and brothers in Christ. We love you and continue to pray without ceasing for Lil' Luke's complete restoration! Praise be to God!!

Love ya all with the precious Love of Jesus who is coming back soon!

Shawn, Con-, John, Rebekah, Matthew and Naomi Reeder

Cam & Kristen - Osaka said...

Hi Searles!
Thanks so much for continuing to blog! We'll make a copy of the ongoing requests for Luke, and keep it handy for us to lift up to the Father!
May Lukey's swallowing become more and more an involuntary habit! Yay!
I know you guys are probably weary, but please please keep blogging as you have the chance so that we can continue to be involved in Lukey's recovery!
I just read the email from Yoli saying how you guys were involved in the surprise to her kids of their dad's return from Iraq! You guys are amazing!
Much love across the ocean to you!!!

Novotny Family said...

Way to go LUKE....We are so proud of you and thankful to GOD that you swallowed..even once ..NOW we know you can do it again and again....Im beginning to think you are like your MOMMY...Your MOMMY never lets anything stop her....she has the most amazing determination...along with the most incredible gentle spirit...

We are so glad your family has been sharing all the great pictures of you and your family..WOW you are one loved little wonderful it is to see each of your family members love and hug on you....Im sure you are glad to be home with all of them.

Luke we are praying for you each day ....We pray you will sleep well each night, that you will be determined to swallow and cough and be completely healed....

Night little one

The Novotny Gang

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