Thursday, October 21, 2004

More Q&A

Q: I was also wondering, if Luke doesn't cry out loud, then how do you know when he wakes up at night?
A: Well, there are a couple of ways. First, we have an Oximeter that monitors heart rate and oxygen saturation level. Also we have an apnea monitor. The two monitors will alarm if his heart rate goes too high or too low, his saturation goes too low or he stops breathing. We have a baby monitor right next to the monitors and the receiver in our room. When the alarm goes off, it will wake you up. The other way we know he is awake, is his secretions usually increase when he first wakes, so he will gurgle as the secretions bubble in his trach. Here again the baby monitor helps us hear it from our room.

Q: Can you take Luke out much, or do you have to keep him at home most of the time?
A: We do take Luke out some, although it is quite a chore. We normally take him to church on Sunday and sometimes on Wednesday night. Our church is a block from our house, so we usually walk with him in his wheelchair. We do take him to doctors appointments and we have one on Friday 10/21 with the Gastrologist and dietician.

Q: How's the nursing coming along? Has your family finally started to adjust?
A: Great question! We are beginning to fall into a bit of a routine. We have 16 hours per day nursing for now. We have landed on a regular group of nurses that come each week. Luke is becoming more comfortable with them and this has been a huge blessing.

Regarding the prayer for Luke's complete healing. My perspective is this, I pray daily that today will be the day that God heals Luke instantly, that he will revive every brain cell and that Luke will rise up and walk, talk and be the little boy that we all know and love. On the other hand, I also pray for the baby steps, the immediate needs in Luke's body, what does he need for today. I dont think I am contradictory in praying both sides of this coin. First, is God able to heal instantly as well as step by step? The answer is ABSOLUTELY, there is NO DOUBT in my mind in God's ability to heal Luke. Is it only dependent on my diligence in prayer, partially, we are instructed to seek, ask and knock with persistance. It comes down to God is sovereign and he can choose to heal Luke today, tomorrow or next week. There have been many times in Sue and my life together where we have persisted in prayer over a particular situation only to see God move in a miraculous way. For years, we have prayed that God would give me a testimony at work, do you think I have a testimony now. All that said, I do believe that one day Luke will wake up and it will be the day that God will choose to heal Luke. My faith does not depend on God to heal Luke, but on God and His character alone. Finally, Julie, I too dont want to be ungrateful for what God has done in the baby steps, I will take them and say Thank You Lord. However, I will persist for God to heal Luke and that he will rise and walk. To your post, I say AMEN!

Teena, you mention feeling connected and that is one of the things that truly has amazed me about this blog. While there are many that are follow Luke's story that we don't know, we are connected and I look forward to being able to meet many of you here on earth face to face.

Q: How is Luke doing with his sleep? Is Sue getting any sleep?
A: Luke is getting between 4 to 8 hours sleep, usually in a few broken up blocks of time. Sue is getting some sleep about 6 hours a night. I find that the sleep we are getting is not a deep, deep sleep, but it is rest.

Thank you for all the questions and please feel free to ask other relevant questions.



Anonymous said...

Hey Gordon, Thank-you for the informative explanations of what life is like now. This medium is truly fantastic for getting this to us and getting it out of you for us all to share in the united efforts to help and participate in this process. My RSS feed clicks me when you post, I read and may or may not comment, and we all share what can be called a "moment" together in all our busy lives and STILL feel connected, at our own pace, at our own convienience and with enough time to care deeply at our own levels. Who would dream the printed word would re-appear after being declared dead by television, telephone and radio? Take care and believe we're all still out here hoping for continued small steps and/or miracles...Bob

Anonymous said...

Gordy and Sue,

I just have to say what an amazing blessing it is for you both to take the time, with all that you have going on, to truly examine your faith, the character of God and the Truth of His Holy Word! I'm just so thankful for your witness to all who come into this blog. I'm so blessed by the strength God has given you and your beautiful family! I just praise the Lord everytime I read what others have written in response to what God is doing so faithfully for Lil' Luke and all of you.

Our family will continue to pray for daily baby steps and complete healing for Lil' Luke! Not wavering in our conviction that God alone can do anything in His perfect time. Press on!

We love you so much with the Sweet and Precious Love of Jesus!!

The Reeder Family

Julie in NC said...

Thanks for all the updates and for taking time to answer all the questions that we wonder about Little Luke and your family. There are days that you guys just stay in our thoughts and prayers most of the day. I will be going to a retreat this weekend were women across America will be hope is to get to ask for prayer for Little Luke and your family. Be blessed! Shane, Julie and children

Teena from GA said...

Dear Gordy & Sue,
Thank you so much for answering questions! It helps so much to know details and it makes me pray MORE specific. We are standing with you... in agreement for WHATEVER/HOWEVER/WHICHEVER way God chooses to work in LUKE's life.... the baby steps are truly wonderful. YOUR faithfulness to the LORD amazes me. It truly touches my heart! We were gone from Thurs-Sat. (today) to our annual home schooling camping trip. As soon as we unpacked everything I came to check on LUKE!! Sometimes I wake during the night and Luke and all of you come to mind and I pray. I appreciate so much the time you take (with everything else) to tell us what is happening. I do have a question... I hope it is okay to ask... the other children... how are they doing? How are the little guys doing? I KNOW seeing the trust/faith and LOVE that Sue and you have for the LORD is what keeps them secure. Again, your faithfulness is truly inspiration for us! I do so feel connected! Julie, I am praying for your retreat and for lots more to add Luke to their prayer lists!!

Your GA friends,
Billy, Teena, Michael 19, Mandi 15, Dakota 11, Alyssa 7, Wyatt 2.8 yrs, Wesley 15 months