Thursday, February 17, 2005


As most of you know our youngest son Luke nearly drowned on Aug 30th of this year in our backyard swimming pool. It is a true miracle of God that Luke is alive today. A man two doors down the street was visiting from CA and came to Luke's aid and provided CPR, we call him Angel Jim. There were many people involved in saving Luke's life, family, Angel Jim, Paramedics, ER staff, PICU staff and so many of you that cried out to the Lord on Luke's behalf. There is not enough space here to tell the whole story you can visit our blog for the latest on Luke's condition. We continue to pray for his complete healing. Here is the address of the blog, notice no www in the address.


Teena said...

Hi, Sweet Luke. We love you so much. I know that may be hard to believe since we have never met in person but we have been praying for you for many months and you are on our hearts. Our youngest little boy is named Wesley he is 19 months old. You remind me of him. He sends you his love and him and I pray for his buddy Luke!
God is working miracles in your life... and one day we hope to meet you. Hang in there Luke, so many are praying for you.... and God is making a way! You are so blessed by the family God has given you... and we are blessed to know all of you!
your Georgia Friends,
Billy, Teena, Michael 19, Mandi 16, Dakota 11, Alyssa 7, Wyatt 3 & Wesley 19 months

Julie in NC said...

Little Luke, You are soooo cute! I love this picture! I am so glad that Dad put this on the blog. As I look at you I just have to smile at you and my heart melts. God is doing a good work in your life. Blessings, Shane, Julie and Children