Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Good news to share about our past week

Last weekend was an awesome time for Daniel, Amy & Natalie. They went on a winter retreat with Destiny Christian Center in Centralia, WA, where Daniel is in their Generational Training Center. I'm going to have Amy share some words about what God did in her life this weekend:
"Well first I have to say God is so good. This weekend was awesome and God did a lot in my life. I went this weekend really tired and discouraged, but on the first night God gave a girl a word for me. The word was that this weekend was going to be a time of refreshing and renewing. Also that night God healed some pain and hurt I had pertaining to Luke's accident. On Saturday night our speaker talked about waiting on the Lord. This was so good because I have really been wondering lately what I'm going to do with my life. That night I felt like God said, "Amy I have a plan for your life but you just need to be patient and WAIT on Me." God gave me a wonderful peace about my future. The Lord is so AWESOME and God's word given through that girl came true, I was refreshed and renewed. I feel like I have a new joy and mission. God is so good." Thank you for all your prayers concerning the weekend for the kids, God answered them!

Luke is having an awesome week so far, he is taking his food so much better and able to handle so much more. He is sleeping better, in fact he once again broke his record for the time he has slept continuously, he didn't wake up all night until 8:15 on Monday morning and our nurse said that he was swallowing all night long. He also moved on Tuesday night, which was a first since the accident, when I went in to check on him this morning he actually had his head turned and was touching the side of the crib, it used to be where you layed him is where you would find him in the morning.

He will be going in for his 20th dive tomorrow night. We were once again blessed with money for more dives, through the "Zander Fund." This is an organization that donates money for children that have special needs. It was started in 2003 when a precious little 2 year old boy named, Alexander Kendall died of a drowning accident. What a wonderful and unselfish deed for this family in their time of grief to turn around and bless others with their generosity. We are once again amazed at how God has brought so many wonderful families into our lives to pray and support us through this long and exciting journey we are on toward Luke's full recovery.

Love in Christ,
Luke's Mommy Sue


Mommy_2 said...

Amy, I'm so glad to hear about your wonderful weekend. Isn't God awesome? Be still and know! He wants nothing more than that...just be still, and He shows us His will in awesome, unexpected ways!

Sue, what exciting hear that Luke moved on his own in the night! His being able to take in more food. Each hurdle is a little miracle. I praise the Lord that He is working on Luke's body, however slowly, He's completing a work in Luke!

Love & prayers to you,

Anonymous said...

Praise God for His amazing blessings! I am so glad to hear what He is doing in Amy's life, as well as the continued healing going on with little Luke! Blessed be the name of the Lord!

Anonymous said...

To the family and Luke: Rest assured, even though we're not commenting, we are following this blog via RSS and are overjoyed reading each step we see Luke and your family taking towards recovery and healing.

Go, Luke! Go! (hang in there, buddy!)

Teena said...

That is great, Amy!! God indeed has great plans for YOU! Our Mandi just turned 16... and she wonders at times what God wants her to do... but God will show her and you... and Natalie just what HE has planned for you.
I am so thankful that the Lord allowed that girl to speak to you, also that you were refreshed and renewed!
I am so thrilled about Luke too! That is great!! Praise the Lord about his movement too. I SO LOVE the scripture you put over his bed... I think I already said that..but it is worth saying twice! You all are so very special to me and we love all of you! I am still praying... even for the small steps!!!
Your Ga. Friends,
Billy, Teena, Michael, Mandi, Dakota, Wyatt & Wesley

Anonymous said...

this is tamara from idaho again still following up on your precious family....i havent got the chance in what seems to be a month or more to read your blog and wow what an improvement a gradual improvement that is sooo awsome!!!