Thursday, February 17, 2005


I turned 15 this year and I'm in 10th grade. I've had a busy year helping my Mom and Dad during the trip my Mom and Amy took to Romania. I continue to take Piano lessons, sing in the YMCA Homeschool Choir and I've been learning how to play a mean game of racquetball. I got braces put on my teeth in July. In August I went on my first missions trip to Mexico with the Daniel, Amy and our Church Youth Group it was a time of stretching as we had to ride on a hot bus for 3 days, sleep on the ground, using an outhouse for the bathroom, but it was wonderful ministering to the people there and working for the Lord. I had a wonderful time going to visit our close friends the Hurtado's after leaving Mexico. I was a junior bridesmaid in my cousin Naomi's wedding and had a blast getting to dress up in my beautiful dress. I got my drivers permit this year after passing the written test, though I haven't had much time behind the wheel yet.

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