Sunday, March 22, 2009

All About Luke! Update, Birthday Pictures and a Video!

Luke is still sick! Gordy and I were talking this morning about how horrible last night was. One of us were up at least 4 to 5 times every hour all night long, I said to him that's why I don't go to bed at night, I hate having to keep jumping out of bed. It was his oxygen levels, then his heart rate, then his food pump, then his oxygen levels, then his heart rate, then his oxygen levels, then his food pump, you get the picture. . . Luke is on Augmentin which is a pretty strong antibiotic, I think it has helped some, at least what he is coughing out is no longer yellow.

I was so hoping that we would all get to church this morning, but I didn't wake up until 9:25 after finally getting 2 straight hours of sleep. Luke is on lots of oxygen, the nasal cannula and his flow by. I'm going to go get him into the bath and am hoping that will help perk him up a bit. This journey has become almost impossible to continue on lately, I realize that is not faith talking. We need prayer more than ever, prayer for Luke to get better, prayer for strength and sleep, prayer for our hope to be renewed, prayer to stay strong, prayer to continue to trust God in our circumstances, prayer to be able to thank Jesus for the good days and the bad ones, just lots of prayer.

Here some pictures from Luke's birthday: The family helping him celebrate, Luke has just tried some frosting and seems to think maybe he likes it, Luke is riding on Daniel, who is pretending to be an elephant and finally Luke is whiped out after all the excitement.

Here is a video of Luke on his Birthday, at the Children's Therapy Unit with Eric his OT. He was doing so well that day touching that purple pad, which is a switch that will turn on a electronic toys and this day he was turning on the music.

Did you enjoy the pictures and video, please let us know, we love comments!

Love in Christ,
Luke's Mommy Suzi


Pam said...

praying that there will be more good days like Lukies birthday. And that the sickness will go away so that everyone can get some much needed rest. so hard to stay strong when you are so tired and stretched thin. Please know we love you all very much.

dr_bristow said...

The pictures are adorable, it's great to see Luke enjoying his birthday, and I love the video! Wow, Luke is doing great responding to your instructions and pushing the switch! Praying for Luke's swift return to good health, and for renewed rest and strength for you and Gordy.
Isaiah 40:30-31
Even the youths shall faint and be weary,
And the young men shall utterly fall,
But those who wait on the LORD
Shall renew their strength;
They shall mount up with wings like eagles,
They shall run and not be weary,
They shall walk and not faint.

P.S. It was fun playing Scrabble with you the other day, Sue!

Rachel E. said...

What beautiful pictures! Praying for Luke to get better very soon and for all of you to be able to get more rest.

24/7 MOMS said...

Love your blog....all the pics etc

Nicole said...

Why is there so much noise around him? It must not help for concentration!

Bon courage!

Anonymous said...

Dear ones,
Please know that we will be praying and holding you all close to our hearts. May the vicious cycle soon be over and your strength renewed.
Blessing's and a whole lot of love, The Lesters

Colleen said...

Happy birthday, Luke! Great job with your purple switch! Thanks for the video and photos, Sue. I am praying for you today.

Rachel E. said...

I'm finally feeling 100% better--thank you so much for praying! Finals are not until mid-May and then after that is graduation. How are all of you doing? Has Luke's illness been vanquished yet?

Anonymous said...

Hey, WE think of sweet Luke often and we will pray for him to feel better soon. I'm not sure how you caught up with our blog, but we are so blessed by your comments over these past monthes. We are also moved by your sweet spirit and strength that can only come from the Lord!!! Stay Strong!!
Christy- Hayden's Mom

annie said...

I loved the pictures!!!! So cute! My favorite is the one with you and Luke and his SMILE!

Thank you for your prayers friend.