Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Luke has caught the "Plague", the horrible, nasty flu bug that has infected our home!

It looks like Luke has caught what we jokingly, but very seriously call the "plague." It began last week with Lily throwing up on Wednesday all day and night. Then Friday morning I being the mom that I am, thought the boys just wanted to get out of doing school when they were both complaining of having stomach aches, little did I know they were both beginning to come down with the plague, they threw up most of the day and night and continued to do so until Saturday morning when they began to get a little better. Saturday morning as we were getting up I went down to wake up the girls and found out that Amy was not feeling well, she had a horrible stomach ache, oh no, we realized that she to had the plague with it's full vengeance.

That day some of us went down to my parents home to visit with some very good friends from out of town. When I got home I thought my tummy was doing some rumbling and was in complete denial that I was too coming down with the "plague" until I began to violently throw up for the entire night, it didn't stop until 7:15 a.m. Poor Gordy was up with Lily throwing up in her bed, Zeke throwing up in his bed, Amy crying that she was in horrible pain, Luke alarming because of his sleep apnea oxygen needs and listening to his wife lose her cookies over and over and over again. You have to understand that I don't throw up often, I think the last time was when I was pregnant with Isaiah 10 years ago, but this flu doesn't care if you hate throwing up, it makes your body do that until you dry heave, not even a sip of water is kept down. I sucked on ice chips until about 5:00 p.m. Sunday when I finally thought it was safe again to try something, ate a small piece of bread and half apple, with a little Sprite. I felt and looked horrible as I had broken massive blood vessels in my checks from heaving so hard. I felt a little better on Monday, but my back was killing me from the ribs I had knocked out during my episodes, therefore went to the Chiropractor to get an adjustment, that helped immensely.

We kept praying that Luke would not come down with this horrible plague, I kept hoping that he was the one to begin it with his throwing up last week right before Lily began, but no he has it full blown. Gordy and I woke this morning to a little guy throwing up, when we went to him we realized that he was literally surrounded in diarrhea, after giving him two bath's to get him completely cleaned up we put him out on the couch with plenty of protection under him. He has continued to have horrible diarrhea, a high heart rate, throwing up, the works all day long. The only praise is that his oxygen levels have not been horrible he has only had to have about 1/2 liter tonight.

I spent the day along with the girls cleaning today, we have bleached and washed any blankets, sheets, clothes that have we have been in contact with, we've also been using dish washing soap with bleach, washing all the towels often, you get the picture, lots of work. As mentioned in my last post Luke is scheduled to get his tonsils out next Tuesday, please pray with us that this flu will not completely knock him out to where he will not be able to keep that surgery from happening. Would you also pray that Gordy and Natalie will not come down with this horrible flu that has been plaguing our family for the past week. I too will pray that y'all will stay healthy from all the flu bugs that are flying around and that you will not come down with the "plague."

Love in Christ,
Luke's Mommy Suzi


Cindy said...

Oh my goodness! How awful!
I work in an elementary school and so far there has not been any flu. Only a couple sore throats. When the kids there get sick, I am usually the next one!
I hope and pray everyone will be sick free today!

Pam said...

Praying that this morning finds everyone, especially Luke, feeling better. Pam

dr_bristow said...

Noooo...not Luke too! I totally understand why you call it the plague, that is what I had last week and it is horrible! Praying that Luke gets better quick!

Rachel E. said...

Praying for all of you to get better very soon!

nicole said...

be carefull about tooth brush... keep them separate!!
When this started at our house evry one on coca cola! alot of hand washing...
You must feel exhausted! I had to fight alot against fleas?, you know these horrible things that go in your hair!!!
You really do not need ore work!
Praying for you all!