Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Sickness, Vicious Cycle Returns with a Vengenance!

Her's sweet Lily loving on her sick brother the other day!

Just quick update to say Luke is sick! I'm sorry for not getting on sooner, but my computer has been tweaking out on me. I went to put some pictures up last night and it wouldn't let me log in. Luke started getting sick on Monday afternoon, by Tuesday night he was full blown sick, I took him into the Doctor yesterday and he said it's not pneumonia thankfully, were not sure what he has. He's running a fever, coughing out yellow gunk, on oxygen, throwing up, you get the picture. We still have not heard from the Doctor wanting to take out his tonsils, but now we will have to wait again until he is healthy, what a vicious cycle!

Please pray,
Luke's Mommy Suzi


annie said...

Lily is such a sweetheart. I'm so sorry Luke is sick again. I am praying for him.

Anonymous said...

oh NO! I just sat here staring at the pics... started to cry. I am so sorry Sue... praying he makes a turn around quick. Please keep us posted.

All weeks as my boys were sick & Alyssa... day after day with fever (only 5-6 days) I kept thinking... "Sue has had a time with Luke being sick and she is not complaining... God continues to give her strength..." You truly are a testimony of HIM.

I love you

praying praying praying

Cindy said...

Your Lily and Luke are so beautiful! I hope he gets well very soon!