Wednesday, March 25, 2009

G-tube Excitement Today at Luke's Doctor Appointment

Luke once again had a very hard night last night, therefore I decided when I got up today I should take him back into the Dr. today. I guess I was thinking that maybe he needed to get going on another round of steroids, the Dr. agreed with me and therefore I'm hoping this is what he needs to get over this round of sickness. When I was lying Luke down on the exam table I started taking off his shirt and realized his g-tube was missing. After looking around I decided that I should run out to the van to see if it was there and sure enough I guess as I was taking him out of his car seat I pulled it out. I grabbed it and and ran/fast walked back into the exam room, washed it off and put it back in. The Dr. was pretty amazed at how well I handled the situation, if only he knew how fast my heart was beating and the fact that I was trying really hard not to freak out totally. I had to change all of Luke's clothes as he was pretty stinky from all his stomach digestion gunk that got all over him. I hope and pray I don't ever have to that again.

Luke's tonsil/adenoid surgery is set for April 7th at 5:00 p.m. I was happy that it got changed from the 11th, but also sad at the same time as this is Isaiah's 10th birthday. We are going to celebrate Isaiah's birthday the weekend before and I will take him out to lunch for our annual Mom lunch, but I'm bummed I will be spending the night at the Hospital on his birthday. I really hope and pray this surgery will fix his desaturation problems during the night that he has been dealing with for the last 2 months.

Lily woke up throwing up today and has continued to do that for the better part of the day, please pray that she is doing better tomorrow and that whatever she has is not spread to others, thank you. I need to get my clock back to sleeping during the night, it has been so hard to sleep while Luke is struggling, but I've have suffered lately from my lack of sleep. I did get a 2 hour nap today, which for me is very unusual, I don't like wasting time on naps, therefore you have to know that I was desperate for sleep.

Love in Christ,
Luke' s Mommy Suzi


annb said...

Sue, I continue to pray for Luke's healing - from this continuing sickness and for complete healing. I am praying for you, too - for some much needed rest. It's so hard to deal with everything when your body is not at it's peak!
Thanks for visiting and for the comments. God is good and we are doing great!

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

It's always a bit of excitement when the g-tubes come up missing, isn't it! What's amazing is that we mommas manage to keep calm, at least until it's over. :)

jodi Pesicka said...

I wish I could say that is going to be your only time puttting the g tube in but if he is anything like justine it's not. She has pulled it out in the middle of the night before and when I figured it out a couple hours later the tube did not fit back in the hole. I had to just put a sterile catheter I had to keep it open until I got to the doctors. Fun stuff. Both of my kids have had to put them back in before. Now she has a GJ tube I can put them back in the stomach to keep it open but it requires a trip to the hospitals GI lab like last monday to put it in place. I hope and pray Luke is feeling better. I know he will have a successful surgery. Jodi

Rachel E. said...

Wow! You did an awesome job with the g-tube. My sister who's a respiratory care nurse told me that they have to do that with trachs too if they ever fall out. I hope poor Lily is better by now!

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