Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Here is Luke this evening in his room sleeping peacefully. Today was a very busy day with lots of stretching and range of motion exercises. Lots of holding Luke in the rocking chair.


Julie Ward said...

seeing Luke in HIS bed in HIS room is SO nice!! Him being home smelling familiar scents, hearing familiar noises is the best thing, not to mention being back with the family!! ;-) I am so very glad he is home! All will work out! He will grow to be an awesome young man like his big brother!! God Bless!
~Julie... still campaigning for #7 to be named Julie!!

sherryandkaty said...

What a beautiful little angel he is! I give thanks to God with you for bringing your family through these last 4 weeks. I thank you for allowing us into your life and allowing fellow believers to lift you up in prayer. I know your faith has only deepened during this time, and I pray that through Luke, someone who had no faith now has it more than abundantly. I know this has strengthened my own faith and really made me look hard at what blessings my children really are! Prayers are still coming for continued improvement and peace in your home.

In Him,
The Young's

Teena from GA said...

I love this picture! So peaceful. I love all the colors in Luke's crib!! I keep thinking of Sue. I am praying for you.... I know you are so thankful to have him home and hold and rock him. Isn't it great to have helpers!
My oldest helps so much. God is so good to us. I know that God has grown so many of us this past month....
I thank you over and over .... for sharing with us.
Friends from GA.
Billy, Teena, Michael, Mandi, Dakota, Alyssa, Wyatt, Wesley