Saturday, September 18, 2004

A quiet day with a lots of arms of love

Today was a quiet day for Luke. Aunt Pam came to the hospital to watch Luke while Mom attended a bridal shower for our niece Naomi and Dad worked on building a shed in the backyard. This eveing Daniel, Natalie and I went to the hospital to visit. When we arrived Sue was sitting in the rocking chair holding Luke. Daniel was up next and held Lukers for a while and then Natalie held Luke for a few minutes while Dad suctioned his trach. We are getting the process of caring for Luke down. We have a long ways to go and God has been faithful to provide every step of the way.

One prayer request, we will be interviewing nurses sometime on Monday and I would ask you pray that God will provide just the right people for the Searles' family in particular Luke.

I pray that God will bless your Sunday.


Julie Ward said...

So glad all of you kinda had a normal day, it's good to get away from the hospital, and return to the everyday things for awhile, praying for an awesome nurse or two!! They ARE out there! God Bless!!

Leon said...

That is great!

Hi Luke, isn't it nice to have visitors. It will be so nice for you to get home. Night Luke.

Robert said...

And, yours, too...Gordy, Luke and family.

Jeff and Sue said...

Hi Serles family
We continue to keep you all in our thoughts and prayers. God is able and we look forward to hearing of all God has in store for your family.

Bob Hart said...

Hi Gordy, Well that wasn't to painfull. As you can tell I created a blog site. Anyway I am still praying for you all. I know that God will provide the best nurse or nurses for your family. He only has the best for you, the best Love, the best kindness, the best grace and mercy. As my favorite animated character Tigger would say "your the best". Love ya Gordy,keep showing us the faith. ~

Julie in NC said...

I know that it is kinda hard....the thought of having someone in your home 27/7. We pray that God will send just the right people to your home. When we had nurses in our home 27/7 we soon realized what a blessing they were not only for the child that they were helping with but my other childern learned to love them too. We are kinda a strange family ...homebirth, no shots and in general not alot of Docter visits unless sick, so we were kinda scared to have medical staff in our home but it all worked out just great. We will keep you in our prayers on this matter. Still praying for Little Luke to be restored to great health. Blessings, Shane, Julie and Children

Julie in NC said...

Oh, I guess I added a few hours to the days! 27/7 sorry, 24/7

Jill said...

"Great is thy faithfulness, O God our Father, there is no shadow of turning with Thee; Thou changest not, Thy compassions they fail not; as Thou hast been Thou forever wilt be. ` Great is Thy faithfulness! Great is Thy faithfulness! Morning by morning new mercies we see. All we have needed Thy hand hath provided - Great is Thy faithfulness Lord unto us!" Heavenly Father we give You thanks for Your faithfulness and love. We ask that You will bring the right person to be little Luke's nurse and live in Sue & Gordy's home. We ask that this person will have a tender heart and a tender spirit, and that they will love little Luke and this family for who they are, and NOT what they think they should be. May this person also have a kindred spirit with either Gordy or Sue, and they will all live peaceably together. We thank you for hearing all our prayers and answering them! ` Amen

Love and hugs to all,


freiheitfamily said...

I Hope Luke feels better soon and We are praying for him and we all love him very much.

Hope Freiheit

P.S. I saw his pictire on the website and he is soooo cute. feel better soon Luke.

kim said...

Hello, we prayed for precious Luke in our fellowship today. Love to all of you, we are praying for you all and God is in control.

our family said...

Just wanted to let you know that we are praying for Luke and for your whole family. God blesses us in many ways and your faith and openess to His will are an incredible witness to your faith. Thankyou

Michelle and David and our children
Benjamin, Joshua, Nathan, Mary, Caleb, tobias, Noah, Zachary, Ezekiel, Isaiah, Elizabeth and our latest blessing due 1/1/05

Cam & Kristen - Osaka said...

Hi Searles family! This morning (a national holiday in Japan), our family devotional was on Psalm 112. I got a little choked up, and encouraged at the same time (as did Kristen), as our family read out the words:

1 Praise the Lord. Blessed is the one who has respect for the Lord. He finds great delight when he obeys God's commands.
2 His children will be powerful in the land. Because he is honest, his children will be blessed.
3 His family will have wealth and riches (my note: the eternal kind). He will always be blessed for doing what is right.
4 Even in the darkness light shines on honest people. It shines on those who are kind and tender and godly.
5 Good things will come to those who are willing to lend freely. Good things will come to those who are fair in everything they do.
6 They will always be secure. Those who do what is right will be remembered forever.
7 They aren't afraid when bad news comes. They stand firm because they trust in the Lord.
8 Their hearts are secure. They aren't afraid. In the end they will see their enemies destroyed (my note: even cheating death!).
9 They have spread their gifts around to poor people. Their good works continue forever. They will be powerful and honored.
10 Evil people will see it and be upset...What (they) long to do can't succeed.

You guys are personifying this psalm in your trial! We love you all! Thanks for standing in the gap! Hang in there! Jesus is leading, and will continue to give you comfort and courage!

sherryandkaty said...

We are still praying with you for Luke's full and speedy recovery. I tell you, things like this make you realize just how precious life really is. Luke is a beautiful child, and I know God has great things in store for him!

In Him,
The Young Family

Gordy AKA Luke's Dad said...

Cam, Thank you for sharing Psalm 112. In the midst of this storm of life, we (the Searles) are not doing anything different then anyone who trusts in Christ would do. We are resting in God and the strength he provides. We are not able to do it in our own strength, it is because our feet are planted on the Rock Christ Jesus.