Saturday, September 04, 2004

No removal today

They are not going to remove the breathing tube today, this is due to the swelling. Please pray the swelling will go down so they can proceed with the removal. Luke did a good job on a 2.5 hour breathing test. The test involves putting the machine into a mode where Luke does the breathing and it only kicks in if he fails to breath. Luke passed with flying colors. He is coughing well, so it is just a matter of the swelling going down and they are giving him steroids to help.


Anonymous said...

We will be praying that all swelling is gone by the time they come to check on him in the morning! Thanks for letting us know how to pray! Oh, when we've had children in the hospital....Sundays were always so peaceful, the body of Christ coming together to pray for others is so good! Blessings from Julie,Shane and Children in North Carolina

Tim Wold said...

We are praying in Hood River, OR that the swelling will go down. What a faithful God we have! So be it Lord.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic news you can can breath on your own! Yeah, Luke. Get rid of that nasty tube. You can do this. Go, Luke, Go! We're all a'waitin' on you. Take your time. You'll know when it's right...Go, little buddy!

Anonymous said...

Our family as always is praying. We trust the Lord in all that He does. If you have ever watched a skilled craftsmen, he will take his time when completing a master piece. I truly believe that God being the greatest craftsman and creator, that He is taking His time with Luke making him beyond special. Putting so much Love into Luke, that he will be blessed among the blessed. I know we are all miracles of God, but sometimes God gives us a special miracle to show us the way. Luke is a special miracle that has touched each of us in a different way, but has shown us to look to God, to trust, to love, to hope, and above all to praise the One who has created us all.

I love you all and we won't stop praying and praising,

The Hart's

Leon said...

Way to go Luke!Just to let you know me and your grandma have made teddy bear poems for you. Yes teddy bears! Sleep well Luke.

Gordy I got your message and will email you some info. When I was learning about blogs I asked questions just like you.

I plan to match you post for post. It's the least we can do for Luke and it is good therapy for you (all of us).

I got my first request to be added to "Teddy Bears For Luke". If I include myself that's 2 virtual teddies for your son! I will direct link that shortly. I think I will use that as an example for you in the email.

Bart Nelson said...

God's best blessings on all of you, on your spirits, souls and bodies (this definitely includes Luke)! I just finished our church's Sat. Night prayer meeting. Luke was a major topic. It looks like the prayers are already answered and we will add swelling to the list. I truly believe God has His hand on Luke, as well as He has Luke in His hands - and really the whole family. One thing I prayed is for peace that doesn't make sense to hold up all involved like floating on a river.

I live in University Place and am a friend of Sean and Karen Price. I forwarded info about Luke to friends in Oregon, Bremerton, Spain and Mexico.

Well in closing, I pray right now for all family members and friends that God would bind up broken hearts, that He would fill in any empty places, and mend any torn places in Jesus' name and by the power of Holy Spirit.

Love, hugs and blessings -- Bart

Anonymous said...

Praying for precious Luke in CO.

Mother of 5

Anonymous said...

Gordy and Sue you are awesome parents!!! I knew that after our visit this summer but even so I am amazed at the strength and and calm stability you are walking in!! God's grace is such a wonderful gift. Love to all and know that we are spreading the word for others to pray as wellas holding you all up in prayer. Sue you have been especially on my heart today. I love you all!!! Sue in CO.

Mike Larkin said...

Today at church a friend told me about Luke (I know Luke's uncle Tom). Please know that the Larkin family is praying and that I have forwarded the prayer request to Foursquare Mission's office in Los Angeles to get the word out and the world praying for Luke. We are believing God for a miracle and His continued touch upon his body.