Monday, September 06, 2004

Monday morning update

It has been a little more then 16 hours sense the breathing tube was removed and Luke is doing okay. He is still struggling to maintain his airway, in particular his nerves are not sensing the need to cough and the secretions build in the back of the throat. In addition, he doesn't swallow and the secretions just pool, this requires the nurses to suction it out. The result is that if he doesn't begin to maintain the airway, he would most likely develop pneumonia. The doctor just stopped by and he said that it is looking like we will need to do something about Luke's breathing and that this afternoon we would talk about options. From what I have picked up, I am guessing it is either reinserting the breathing tube or another procedure a tracheostomy (sp?), this is a more permanent option.

I have heard the Lord several times over the last few days say to me to trust in him and to just stand firm. The enemy is a roaring Lion, but greater is he who lives in me then he who is in the world. Late last night we came under great spiritual attack, would you stand firm with us? Stand firm that God is sovereign and the enemy has no power over Luke's life. Stand firm that Luke belongs to God, Sue and I prayed a prayer of surrender of our little Luke to God, this was to reconfirm one more time that Luke belongs to God. Stand firm the God is the same yesterday, today and forever. We serve the living God who created this universe and he is the God of the impossible.
Luke 1:37 says "For with God nothing will be impossible."

Stand firm as you pray that Luke will begin to sense the need to cough and he will cough a very productive cough. Also, that Luke will sense the need to swallow and will swallow the secretions instead of letting them pool. Do not loose heart, nor grow weary, but stand firm and watch the hand of the Lord.


Anonymous said...

It's crux time, little buddy. C'mon now.

Anonymous said...

... with you all the way precious Luke. Love to you Gordon, Sue and Kids.
Love, Lynn

Anonymous said...

Gordy, Sue & Family,
We stand with you firmly on the promises of our God. For his precious little lamb, Luke, we surrender him to the care and keeping of his heavenly Father. He will give his angels charge over him, lest his foot be dashed against a stone. There is no power in heaven or on earth greater than the love of God for his children. We continue to pray for Luke's complete recovery and for the Lord's hand in this to be demonstrated in a very miraculous way. Stay strong and hold on. We love you guys!
Auntie Rena & Uncle Joe

Anonymous said...

Good morning Sue & Gordy. As we enter into this new day let's keep at the feet of Jesus and hear what He is saying and not what that ugly liar is saying. "Father we thank you for your goodness and faithfulness to our all our prayers. Holy Spirit I thank you that you are Sue & Gordy's comforter when I cannot. They need your comfort and guidance for this new day. Jesus I thank you for dying on the cross and allowing Your body to be broken and shed Your blood so that we can have healing and the power over death through Your mighty name. I thank you that You that You are seated at the right hand of our Father praying and interceding with us! We choose to trust You and find our strenght in You for this day. We know Luke belongs to You and You will be glorified in the healing and resurrection of his little life. In Your Mighty Name... amen"
I love you both Sue & Gordy and I will be standing firmly with you.


Anonymous said...

We STAND with you in FIERCE TRUST, and pray for shielding and protection over Luke and over ALL of us who "stand guard" as "watchmen" in prayer. Strength and grace and protection to each of us. In Jesus Name we stop the works of darkness from taking advantage of the weary, and we surrender into the loving arms of Jesus each of our lives. Lord fill us with your Spirit fresh today that we might run with patience, fight with focus, wait with hope, and be joyful in suffering. He is Lord! -Uncle Tom

Anonymous said...

When Your Sovereign hand oh God
Moves in ways we cannot understand,
When the challenges of life overtake us
And Your answers we do not comprehend.

Still we will trust You.

When the ways and means of man expire
And we fight so hard for our desires,
And you force us Lord to see Your hand
In things we thought were not Your plan.

Help us to trust You.

For in the brokenness when we face death
We know this is the ultimate test
For when we have done all that man can do,
The final answer is up to You.

So still we trust you.

When facing death our hearts are weak
And our loved ones we long to keep,
We fight so hard and we fight so long
Against the enemy we stand strong.

Fervently we trust you.

And in the end, whatever comes,
We bow our knees to You, Sovereign One,
For whatever happens, whatever comes,
You will stand with us oh Holy One.

Still I will trust you.

Anonymous said...

I am standing firm with you...and....PUTTING ON THE ARMOUR OF GOD....Ephesians 6:10-17

Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might.
Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.
For we westle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darKness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.
Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to STAND.
STAND therefore, having your loins girt about with truth and having on the breastplate of righteousness:
And your feet shod with the preparaation of the gospel of peace;
Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked.
And take the helmet of salvation, and THE SWORD OF THE SPIRIT, WHICH IS THE WORD OF GOD..

There is no darkness in the Lord...We are in his light. Luke is in his light.

Lord God we join in prayer with Gordy and Sue and surrender Luke to you. God almighty, we surrender all we have to you with great joy and celebration. Our prayers to you are in the marvelous name of your son, Jesus Christ. Amen and Amen

Loving &, WA

Anonymous said...

Lord, We stand FIRM with all our brothers and sisters all over this world and with You Father. We know that You have your healing hand on Luke at all times. I have abundant faith that the enemy has no grounds here! You, Lord, will overcome all obstacles in Luke's progress.

I pray that You help heal Luke's throat that he will recognize when to cough and when to swallow. Father, give Luke strength and rest so that he may heal and be home with all his family.

Father I life up Sue and Gordy. I ask that you give them strength as well and patience. I know that when they have hard times understanding, You are carrying them. In tough times, You are ALWAYS there holding them up.

We thank you Father for this wonderful miracle and healing you are working thru little Luke. We praise you Father each and every day for every little step. In YOUR NAME we pray! Amen

Sue and Gordy, i will continue to keep praying for little Luke and for all of you! We love you all -Teresa

Anonymous said...

We too are STANDING with you in prayer and faith trusting God For His Awesome work to be accomplished in little Luke.He is in control and with God all things are possible.Stand firm...we will help hold you up!!!Restore Luke Lord Jesus, help him to swallow and to cough. We trust YOU LORD! We love you all, Jeff, Sue, Zach,and Seth

Bart Nelson said...

Gordon - God hasn't brought you this far to drop the ball! God has a big plan for Luke and so does the enemy. There are many of us standing with you in agreement with God and firm against the enemy. He (the enemy) has NO authority here and God has it all. Luke is under your care and authority and as you have walked around the hospital, it is under your authority as well. The ememy is trespassing if he comes to mess with any of you.

Pleading the Blood over you all!

With love - Bart

sarah griffith said...

Just want Gordy, Sue and family know that Oberlin Church in Steilacoom, Wa is praying for Luke and thinking of you guys everyday.

Anonymous said...

This process is like a rollercoaster ride.
Happiness and joy at all the things we see going so good. One step at a time. Each day I come expecting to see a smiling Luke (today will be the day) and then things in front of us don’t look the way we want them to look.
God is still good and we still glorify Him. He is my every breath.
When the news of things look so dark
yet Jesus is still Lord and He is still good.
We are standing. Wow We are standing. Having been around grief and grieving people this in itself is a miracle.
We are standing in the grace, mercy and peace of our good Father, and in the gift of life in Christ Jesus – He bought our salvation by giving His life and His resurrection – Thank you Lord, and the Holy Spirit who is continually filling us with His peace, presence, and strength.

I have no words to be able to describe my gratitude and thanks to the Lord and to the people around us that are helping in so many way, the Searles family and the body of Christ so pitching in and doing all the grunt work for my son’s wedding. It was a wonderful and beautiful day the Lord is good to us beyond measure.

Lots and lots of love, Auntie Cindy (-:
Zephaniah 3:17

Kendall Family serves a Living God said...
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Kendall Family serves a Living God said...

Dear Luke and Family,

God is hearing your prayers, He knows every hair on your head and loves you all so tremendously. "The rightous cry out and the Lord hears them; He delivers them from all their troubles. The Lord is close to the broken hearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit." Psalm 34:17-18
When we were in the hospital praying over our little boy who had drowned, we also experirenced spiritual warfare. God is the most powerful King, He will bring you through this and never leave your side. We are praying for comfort and strength for each of you. In Christ,
Tom and Caroline, parents to 5 blessing on earth and one angel in heaven.

Kendall Family serves a Living God said...
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Anonymous said...

Sweet Father, Our Rock, May Our eyes stay locked on your Son Jesus Christ so our faith does not waiver like the sea tossed from side to side. Lord again I say, before Luke was ever formed in Sue's womb...You were there. You are the Alpha and the Omega. The beginning and the End. We totally trust in you. I am the "Auntie Cindy" in our family and I watched my sweet precious sister and her husband lay their son at the feet of Jesus over and over and over, with all the ups and downs in the hospital. God is faithful!!!! He is with you!!!He is Trustworthy!! Nothing comes to us that has not passed through his loving, Soverign hands.......... Bind the enemy Father. Father please keep their mind and hearts focused on Truth so they are not tempted to go over all the " I wish I would have's, and the If only's..". Remind my sister and brother constantly that Luke is Yours and that You are his Protector.You are in complete control Father and could allow or stop ANYTHING!!!! Hold Sue,Gordy and family Father supernaturally Lord, show them Your glory. Confirm in their Spirit that You are in complete control..... CF

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue and family,
I just wanted to post real quick. A friend of mine in Washington asked us last week to pray for you all...she is a friend of a friend of yours. We knew each other in Germany. Today, I read your post on the quiverfull digest and wondered if you were the same family. Isn't God good? I just thought it was neat that we were already thinking of and praying for you all and then found out we have another connection. I just read all the posts and my heart goes out to you. We have a 11 yob, 9 yog, and a 16 month old girl and I"m pregnant with number 4 and due the end of the month. We almost lost out 9 yog when she was a baby....heart problems. I just remember how God made Himself so obviously present to us throughout the ordeal. I know He is doing the same for you. There's a verse someone gave us to hold onto during that time....I'll post it later...don't want to paraphrase. Also, a friend told me she had prayed that our daughter would just touch the hem of Jesus' garment and be healed. That was such a neat picture for us to hold onto in our minds. We will pray the same thing for Luke!
The Dawsons in VA

Anonymous said...

Dear Luke

My name is Oisín and I live in Dublin, Ireland. I will be 2 this week and my special Birthday wish is that you get better. My mom and alot of her friends here in Dublin are praying like crazy that you will get better. My mom knows you will because she is good at praying. Since she first read the blog on you Luke - I have developed a cough. A very productive cough. So I am sending it to you LUKE. Someday your MOM and Dad will bring you to Dublin to meet me.
Praying to Our lady of Lourdes and Padre Pio for you Luke so that you have a swift recovery. I keep telling them that anything else is unacceptable.

Ciara, David & Oisín Putt

Anonymous said...

Everyone who is praying and see this. Luke CAT scan came back with extensive brain damage. The damage is in the area of the brain that controls the swollowing, coughing and to an extent the breathing. They have the option of a placement of a tracheotomy tube and a gastric tube to help him with this, but there is really not much more that they can do for him. They can also choose not to do this and let the miracle of God come forth and heal him in His time. Lukes dad (Gordy) and Pastor –Uncle Tom are in deep prayer right now as to what to do, so pray for wisdom.

Thank you,

From Lukes parents and family.

Anonymous said...

"Hang in there Little Buddy!"
I have Prayed for you Many times These past few days, you have been in my every thought and prayer!
Gordy & Sue,
God is, as you both know, An awsome God! His love for you and your family has poured out abundantly and will continue. I am looking forward to hearing continued testimony of all God has done through this season in your life.