Sunday, September 05, 2004

Look Mom, no breathing tube, just a nose trumpet and two teddy bears! Posted by Hello


Anonymous said...


What a blessing to behold, seeing you without that tube in your mouth! What a big huge step for a big boy!! Go Luke Go! We love you and are praying every big boy step of the way!!!

Love you with the Sweet Love of Jesus,

The Reeders'

Novotny Family said...


Way to go little guy....keep it up....we are praying for you and so are your New little friends...
Have a peaceful night...hugs to you

Anonymous said...

That is such wonderful news to hear! Big hugs Luke!

Anonymous said...

Wow...two Teddy's for Luke...Way to go! Sleep little one..loving and, Graham, WA

Julie Ward said...

Looks like a sweet angel! Yea! Keep fighting Luke!

CraigH said...

I like your teddy bear Luke! I hope you get better very soon. I'm just a kid but I'm praying for you all the time. Love, JacobH from Issaquah

CraigH said...

Have a great night's sleep Luke.

Dear God, please continue your healing of Luke. We're so excited to hear of the tube being removed and no seizures. Please help Luke awaken some more in the morning. Your loving servant, CraigH from Issaquah

Anonymous said...

I was helping doing family stuff most of the day, and every half hour or so I would think, I wonder how Luke is doing? When I got home, I was so excited to read that that the breathing tube is out now! Praise the Lord!
As always I will continue to pray for Luke and the rest of your family.


Leon said...

Hi Gordy and family,

That is a wonderful picture of Luke! The next one will be even better as will the news. I saw your comment at Kim's blog. Since she posted we have two more blogs talking about Luke and linking to you! The Teddy Bears For Luke 'campaign' slowly grows. The number of visits seems to vary.

I am glad you have 'time' to update and keep us posted. If you need any more ideas or help just email me.
Those are quite the bears you have Luke. A big friendly one and a little blue one. Sleep tight little guy.

Anonymous said...

Well, Lukie Boy six hours have passed and you are sounding so good in your breathing. I'm going home for a while to sleep. See you tomorrow morning.
Lots of love, Auntie Cindy (-:

P.S. And did I tell you you are looking beautiful?

Anonymous said...

PRAISE GOD!! This is wonderful news! I am so happy to hear that Luke has taken this giant step. May God continue to pour out His blessings on you and your family, Sweet Baby! I'm envisioning Luke's lungs, big and strong, and pink and healthy... God Himself having breathed life into them. I'm envisioning Luke's young brain, perfused with a healthy flow of oxygen, pulling itself together under His awesome power, beginning to regain sense of Luke's environment as his Heavenly Father gently places him back on his feet again. Finally, I am envisioning Lukes parents, overcome by a sense of calm, as God lifts them up... knowing now with a newfound certainty, that He is vigilantly guarding Luke's condition, every breath, just as they are, and promising that he will be well... Amen! May Our Heavenly Father continue to hold each one of you, and all of you together, in the very palm of His hand. Stay strong and hold on tightly to your faith!!! Allow God this oportunity to work in your lives, and make Himself known to you in ways that you never even dreamed of! God Bless!!!
Mavis & Family

Kendall Family serves a Living God said...

Dear Luke and Luke's sweet family,
We praise God for your progress, Luke!! Each you is in our prayers for a complete healing. May you be blessed with the peace that surpasses all understanding and comes only from Jesus.
Caroline & Tom
parents to 5 on earth and 1 angel who went home after a drowning accident last year. Gilbert, Az

Carin said...


I just want to let you know that Im praying for Luke. I saw your prayer request on and Im gonna keep praying for your little son. I live in Gothenburg Sweden. Its wonderful how God leads us to one another!! Stay blessed PS 91_11-12

Anonymous said...


I love you very much and will be praying for you constantly! It was very good to see you and to be able to see you progressing. You are beautiful.

Auntie Lori and Uncle Lonnie

Anonymous said...

I'm sitting at my computer crying happy tears after reading the latest comments and knowing that God loves His children. Lori and Lonnie I'm glad you were with Luke and Cindy too! Jill we're praying for you as you help care for Isaiah and Ezekiel...bus rides are important!Sue so glad to see your picture and here your thoughts.Quick verse 7.0 had an awesome reading about Daniel on Sunday morning and also for Sept. 6th in the morning. This is an excerpt:

Anonymous said...

I'm sitting here at the computer overwhelmed by God's love for me and His children. I just read the latest comments and am so thankful that Lori and Lonnie and Cindy were with Luke and let us know! I feel like I was there in spirit.Jill I have been praying for you as you so faithfully serve Jesus by caring for Isaiah and Ezekiel...bus rides are so important! I have read every comment at least once, some more, and just feel so blessed to know you all. QuickVerse 7.0 had a great reading for Sunday morning as well as Monday morning. Wish I could forward it but this is all new to me. Gordy and Sue I have been keeping you in prayer and will keep on. You have sown so much love in your lives and it is awesome to see the love and support that is coming your way. What a beautiful picture of Luke and his Teddies!!! Can't wait for more news. Here's a poem from the reading I mentioned earlier:

Gracious Spirit dwell with me;
I myself would gracious be,
And with words that help and heal,
Would thy life in mine reveal,
And with actions bold and meek,
Would for Christ my Savior speak.

The love you have for each other is an inspiration and a blessing to me. I love you all and look forward to sharing the "Horse" and "Monkey Tales" with Luke in the future. Sue

Anonymous said...

A prayer request for your son was sent to me by a fellow group member and I just read your blog about how he is doing. what a precious angel he is. I believe with all my heart that your son will recover completely and please know that he and your entire family are in my prayers.

Dana Henson

Anonymous said...

How wonderful it is to hear Luke has made such a big step forward. God is good. My prayers continue for Luke and his family.Keep the faith.
from Alabama

Anonymous said...

Caroline & Tom, from Gilbert, AZ
I want to say how sorry I am about the child you lost. From sibling feelings I know the pain and want to say the Lord is the healer of the pain. I am Sue’s sister, the oldest of the siblings, 5 of us now, too, and when I was 4 years and 9 months my baby sister drown and the day is remembered clearly in my mind. From that day on I knew there had to be a God, that He was good, that He is a Father and that my sister was with Him, this I thought on my own (not being raised in church). When I would talk to a friend or to a stranger I would tell them this. Then I became a Christian in my teens and over the years the healing came. The hole in my life is filled with the love, mercy, grace and peace of Jesus Christ. Believe me when I say I know the pain, the hole and the void in a heart without a loving God.
During all this with Luke, Christ has been our sustainer and strength. What a different it makes having and knowing the loving Lord. May the Grace and Mercy of the Lord Jesus Christ be to your family.
Love and compassion, Auntie Cindy (-:

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work, Luke. Your family is anxious for your return.

-- Michelle

Anonymous said...

Luke is absolutely beautiful! We are hopeful and pulling for Luke. He is a strong willed little boy. Our thoughts are with you and your family. Carol U

Anonymous said...

I wanted to let you both know that I think about Luke constantly and I can't wait to read the updates. Since I first heard about Luke I was sad and angry that parents had to go through that. I myself have an 18 month old little girl. THere are times I have been too tired at night and got irritated that she would cry and that I would have to get up. The other night when she woke from her sleep at 4:00am I got up and instead of getting upset I was happy that I am still able to hold her and that I can show her I love her. Thorugh this trauma I have learned to not take my children for granted as I don't have control of what happens next. Thank you for allowing me to learn from you and from Luke. I pray that soon you will be able to hear his cries and to hold him again. THanks also for sharing with me your thoughts. Shelly

Anonymous said...

Everyone who is praying and see this. Luke CAT scan came back with extensive brain damage. The damage is in the area of the brain that controls the swollowing, coughing and to an extent the breathing. They have the option of a placement of a tracheotomy tube and a gastric tube to help him with this, but there is really not much more that they can do for him. They can also choose not to do this and let the miracle of God come forth and heal him in His time. Lukes dad (Gordy) and Pastor –Uncle Tom are in deep prayer right now as to what to do, so pray for wisdom.

Thank you,

From Lukes parents and family.