Sunday, September 05, 2004

The Tube is Out!

The breathing tube has been removed! This is great news. The news is tempered a bit in that, Luke is not doing as good a job of maintaining his airway. He coughs, but the cough isn't as productive as it needs to be and the secretions build in the back of his throat. The nurses then have to suction the secretions from his throat so that he doesn't choke or inhale the secretions. If he doesn't improve in the next 12-24 hours, he may need to have the breathing to put back in. Each step of the way is a miracle in that it is progress that was not expected, so we thank the Lord for this new step of progress.

Please Pray that the muscles used to cough would strengthen and Luke would be able to maintain his airway without the need for suctioning. He needs to have productive coughs. Also, pray that Luke would become more awake.

I thank the Lord for helping Luke with controlling the seizures and getting the breathing tube removed. We serve an amazing God that loves each of us so much.

This morning Pastor Tom shared psalm 46, a portion of it is below. Friends, know this that God is the same, yesterday, today and forever and we are firmly standing on the rock of our salvation. As Psalm 46 says, God is our refuge and strength, we are resting and trusting in his sovereign power.

Psalm 46
1 God is our refuge and strength, A very present help in trouble. 2Therefore we will not fear, Even though the earth be removed, And though the mountains be carried into the midst of the sea;
3Though its waters roar and be troubled, Though the mountains shake with its swelling.


Anonymous said...

This is awesome news! I'm sure that Luke is so much more comfortable without the breathing tube. I'll pray for that cough!!! In church this morning, I thought of all the churches and the people around the country (and the world!) that were saying special prayers for Luke. God is surely hearing us!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Gordy, Sue & family - those of us in Hillsboro who love you have been lifting you before our Savior this weekend, knowing that the Lord of life & love is holding you in His arms and filling you with His peace and perseverance. All the Scriptures that have been read, all the prayers that have been prayed - are going to join together in glorifying God in the midst of every circumstance.

I'm sure there are times when you grow weary or discouraged - it's okay. God understands. Fall in His arms & weep, if that's how you feel. He knows you grieve as you see your precious son struggle. And He will hold every tear in His hands and turn your weeping into joy in the morning.

We are with you in this marathon. In the wonderful name of Jesus we believe for porductive coughing and for increased wakefulness for Luke. Amen!

And we praise God for the wonderful people at the hospital who are pouring such time & love & effort & care into Luke. May they be blessed a hundredfold for all they have given.

Love, Tami Firman & co.

Anonymous said...

BREATHE Luke...COUGH Luke...WAKE UP Luke... Go, buddy go...

Anonymous said...

Your family is included in our prayers!
God bless and give Luke a big hug from us out here in "cyberspace".

Anonymous said...

Yippppeeee!!! Praise the Lord for this next step in Lukes journey. We're praying for healthy coughs and wakeful moments.We continue to pass on the news to friends and loved ones. I passed out the updated requests to many at church this morning and will update co-workers on Tuesday. This has opened up so many doors to witness to people I work with. Daily they stop by my desk and ask how Luke is doing and they let me know they are praying. WE LOVE YOU ALL!!! JEFF AND SUE

Anonymous said...

Hi, again, we are the Price family from Georgia. Just want to say.... YES, LORD, YES, LORD!!!!! We are standing with you in PRAISE!!! Our family is watching to read updates on LUKE. We shared to friends today at church. As I nurse my 13 month old son, Wesley I hold his hands together and we pray for LUKE. I know you do not know us but because of HIM we love you. We are in severe weather due to hurricane Frances.... is it possible to send snail mail to an address... just in case we lose power?? Or for others that do not have computers? Just a thought.... OUR LOVE.
Billy, Teena, Michael 19, Mandi 15, Dakota 11, Alyssa 7,
Wyatt 2 1/2, Wesley 13 months

Anonymous said...

Precious Searles family,
I just learned in church at Abundant life about what had happened to sweet little Luke. Although I didn't get the privelege of meeting him yet, I know our God is faithful and I will meet him soon. I have to admit that at first when I heard about this and was crying out to God, I questioned Him about all of this. Of course we will never know why, but I do know that in the end He will be glorified and another miracle will be performed. I just want you all to know how much I love and miss you guys and I will be continually be interceding for Luke as much as possible. I have spread the word to my other Christian brothers and sisters and they are already praying for you. Even my sons, Tyler and Joshua have stopped throughout the day to lift Luke up in prayer. Please let us know if you need anything, anytime. We love you all so very much.
Heather Smith and boys

Anonymous said...

We're thrilled to hear that the breathing tube is out, Gordon! Still in our thoughts and prayers every day through every step of Luke's journey. We'll keep praying for Luke to have a healthy cough and a return to wakefulness and to his family.

-Sherry and family

Anonymous said...

Our prayers are being lifted up that Little Lukes body would cough all the junk up and he would breath pure air with no problem. How is your wife and other children doing? Do they need some prayer? How about you? I know that we do not know you guys but I have wondered how the rest of the family is doing. Keep up the good is so good to see your family trusting God in all things! As our days family will see me checking and checking my computer....then they will say...any news on Luke??? How is he doing Mom? We have several sick children we are praying for. Today we were praying as a family, we asked the children to pick someone and pray for them....ALL of them wanted to pray for Luke!!! I do not know if I have posted in any of my other post youngest son is 22 months, his name is Micaiah Luke...often called little Luke or Luke means so much to our family. One of my 3 years old twins walked by today and saw Luke on my computer and told her Daddy "that is Luke...he fell in the water...we need to pray for him. I know that I have gone on and on I just want you and your family to know how much your sweet Little Luke means to us. Blessings from NC, Shane, Julie, Kayla (12), Ruth Ann (11), Sarah (9), Susanna (7), Daniel (6), Abbie (3), Aaron (3) and Micaiah (22 months)

Anonymous said...

Praising God that the tube is out and asking Him to restore Luke to full health!

A friend in Christ

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord...One small step at a time. I am sure dear Searles Family it can seem like a crawl as you wait, but continue to carry your faith and courage because it won't be long and it will be a full run!! It was so wonderful to give you a real hug this morning in church and to see all the other kids in fellowship with everyone. To be able to take communion together was so very special. Thank you Lord for all you are doing. Your mighty works just take my breath away. Speaking of breath....HE IS THE AIR WE BREATHE...HE IS OUR DAILY BREAD...As Pastor Tom said this morning...FEED ON JESUS!! Amen and Amen...Cough Luke Cough...Wake up baby, we want you to see us laughing and dancing with joy.

Still loving and praying....Grandma Barbara (honorary but so blessed)

Anonymous said...

Hooray! Gordon, that's fantastic news. Luke continues to amaze me, as does the strength you and Sue are showing as you make your way through this difficult time. I lit a candle for Luke after Mass this morning... please know that you are constantly in my thoughts and prayers, and those of my family and friends. Lisa D.

Anonymous said...

What great news! God truly is our help in all our times of need.

fellow traveler said...

We are a homeschool family of 5..our youngest child, and only daughter drowned in our pool on 5/3/04. My heart breaks at the valley you are treading. You ALL will be in our prayers, for this affects your entire family, but we'll especially lift up your precious Luke. God is so faithful, and we are learning that some miracles are revealed slowly..."Assured victory does not mean an easy win!" Love in Christ, Tiffany Vara

Tina said...

This is great News. This bible verse also helped and brung comfort to me when i loss my son.....Our thoughts and prayers are with you all And Luke..

Love & Huggz,Tina