Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Latest news...Wed morning

They are beginning to back off the ventilator to see if Luke is able to breath on his own. At this time, he is doing very well and is starting to stir and wake. His facial expressions show some pain and confusion, but all is going well.

One Dr said that it is a marathon and we are still in the early stages, each step reveals more and more the miracle that we are observing.

I want to thank each of you far and wide for your encouraging words, it is truly amazing to me that Luke's need has reach around the globe to soldiers in Iraq to friends in Nepal. I am truly amazed and grateful.

There are so many I have not meet and yet, I owe so much.


Anonymous said...

Gordy & Sue,
We have been praying almost continually for all of you. We are hopeful and very encouraged by all the posts to this blog, and we thank you for all the updates on Luke's progress. We know only too well what it is like to have something catastrophic happen to one of our little ones, and our hearts are there with you. I have felt very strongly that Luke's bed was surrounded by angels and that he was safe. I placed Luke's name on all the prayer lists I know and asked all my dear friends to pray for him as well. I lit a candle for him on Tuesday morning. We expect a miracle and thank God for His blessings.
Love you all,
Joe & Rena & Family

Anonymous said...

Hang in there, Dad!

Anonymous said...

Sue and Gordy: I am so sorry to hear of your son Luke. I know it is a hard thing to wait and see what happens! I was just there eight months ago but remember the lord does create miracles~Look at Alysa and I~ We are two miracles that god created. I am trusting in the lord to make everything okay for Luke and the family.

If you ever need anything make sure and contact Tim, Alysa, and I. I pray all of the time that Luke will have a great recovery and you guys will have the strength to come through such a hard time in your life. The lord is the only one that can give us the strength that is needed to get through the hard times that are facing you now and in the future.

We love you guys and we are continually praying for lukes recovery.

Selena, Tim, and Alysa is our email address if you would like to get a hold of us! We miss you guys. Give Luke a hug for us! And a kiss tooo!

Anonymous said...

Gordy,Sue, and family,
WE so appreciate you doing this website so we can be posted on what is going on with Luke. As I told Sue on the phone the other night- being 2,500 miles away (San Antonio,TX) it is like being in a long distance waiting room :) so it is such a blessing to know we can get updates regularly without having to bug you all. It also majorly helps give specific direction to our prayers. We commit Luke to Him who is able to do exceedingly ,abundantly, above all that we ask or think
according to the power that works in us. Eph.3:20!!
We love you all! Love the Hurtado's