Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Home At Last!!!!

Well, we are finally home. It has been a very busy day with Luke's home coming. We left the hospital at around 2:00 after getting two grocery bags full of medications. Once we arrived home, we received to very large cylinders of oxygen, along with a lot of supplies and equipment to care for Luke. Luke has more alarms then a bank vault to monitor his breathing, heart and oxygen levels. There was a bit of a mix up with his feeding equipment and we were not able to get him started right away. All that said, he is now finally receiving his food, has his meds, his trach cared for and is now beginning to fall asleep. Courtney the night nurse is here and will be watching him tonight. Hmmm....Maybe all the activity will begin to slow down and we can find some kind of routine amongst all of the equipment. Mom, Dad and all the kids with the exception of Daniel will be sleeping here at home tonight...Thank You Lord for bringing us back home together again as a family...We Love You Lord!

I just want to acknowledge all of the people that have taken care of Luke over the past 4 weeks. My family who rescued Luke from the pool, Angel Jim who gave CPR, the medics who ran with Luke to the hospital, the ER staff who revived my little Luke, the PICU doctors for helping Luke get better, RNs & RTs for caring for Luke and us, admins for their warm welcoming smiles, to each and everyone of you a BIG THANK YOU, from the Searles family, each of you are the best and I thank God for each and everyone one.

I also want to say a BIG THANK YOU to all of the people who have supported my family over the past 4 weeks, all the meals at the house and lunch at the hospital, the cards and well wishes, the gift baskets and teddy bears, the help with building the shed, and remodeling my garage, all of the words of encouragement, WOW!!!! To say that the Searles family is Blessed beyond belief is an understatement. Thank You!!!

Finally, I want to acknowledge each and everyone of you that has prayed for Luke and our family over the past 4 weeks. I want you to know that your prayers have made a big difference! We have felt God's presence and encouragement in this trial. We know and are confident in God's ability to heal and we will persistently pursue him on Luke's behalf for complete healing. I want to say Thank You for every prayer that has been spoken, I cannot imagine how different it would all be without God and without prayer....hopeless is the word that comes to mind. I realize there are many people in this world each and every day that face similar trials and do it on their own and are drowning in a vast sea of hopelessness. We have hope and His name is Yahweh, Jesus our Savior.


LoFenton said...

First of all you are welcome!! We love you all and have had the pleasure of helping you all!

Now to Luke, WELCOME HOME!! Love you so much and we are so excited and cannot wait to see you at home! I know that we will again some day soon see you walking, running and talking, but for now we love seeing your beautiful face. We will be praying for all of you to have a good nights rest and that all goes well with the adjustments.

I bet that Isaiah and Ezekiel are happpy that their brother is finally home, and that mom is home too.

As a song that I sing a lot, and brings a lot of memories is, Thank you, thank you Jesus. Thank you, thank you Jesus. Thank you, thank you Jesus, from my heart. Thank you, thank you Jesus. Thank you, thank you Jesus. Thank you, thank you Jesus, from my heart. There is a lot to be thankful for!!!

Love you all and looking foreward to seeing you all this weekend!


Lonnie and Lori

Jasmyn said...

Yea God!

Lisa said...

Thank God that Luke is home. I hope he is doing well now that he is in his home with all of the love around him. I listened to your oldest son's song. It brought tears to my eyes. I will continue to pray for a complete healing for Luke. God BLess.
Lisa S. in NJ

Robert said...

Still tracking ya, Gordo! Home will be healing for everybody. Your soul is "home", so all the powers are there for bringing Luke closer to family for more healing. Thank-you, again, for sharing this experience and allowing us to be part of this with you. It has been so satisfying watching the progress and people's caring contribute to this miracle of sustaining Luke's life. He certainly still has a purpose to perform. Love to you and your family...Bob

april said...

What a wonderful God we serve. I will continue to pray for Luke and all of you as you all continue on the road to a complete healing. God is good!

~Misha's Family~ said...

Rejoicing that Luke is finally home in familiar surroundings! We are continuing to pray for the entire Searles family and wishing we were on the West Coast to help!

Please continue to blog Luke's progress!

~Misha's Family~

Julie in NC said...

Welcome Home Little Luke!!! Tears of joy came from my family as we gathered aroung the computer to see your home comming!! Praise our Lord!!! Many prayers to still be lifted up. Thank you Lord for hearing our cry. Blessing, peace and rest, Shane, Julie and Children

AllyB said...

I have not posted before because I did not feel led by the Lord to do so. However, He has touched my heart today to say something. I have been praying for your family since the day this happened. You do not know me, but I was driving by your house when the paramedics were there. I had no clue who you or your family were, but I wanted God to bless you. I am a friend of Kim's and she told me about what happened, and I have been checking this website and praying every day since she told me. I know God has something planned for Luke, just keep praying and go to the alter and lay all of your cares upon it. God is going to make a difference. My whole family is praying and we have told other members of our family all over this country to pray for you. We will continue to be faithful and pray!

Teena from GA said...

Welcome Home LUKE!! We are so happy and thankful that you are home with your family again. They love you so much. I love Daniel's song for you!!! God is so good.
I am reading a true story about a little girl who the doctors also said she would never walk. She does!
She is around 27 now and goes around giving her testimony and what the Lord did for her! God is all powerful and HIS ways are not our ways. It is so awesome to see what HE is doing. WE love you all.

your friends from GA
Billy, Teena, Michael, Mandi, Dakota, Alyssa, Wyatt & Wesley!

Auntie Cindy said...

Praise the Lord you are home. God is so good to us.
Love you so much. Lots of Love, Auntie Cindy ( -:

Leon said...

Gordy and family: What a milestone! I hope you all can catch up on much needed rest and fall back into the bliss of boring routine. (Routine? with kids?)

Hi Luke, you made it home little guy. That is a nice picture of you. You get all better and have fun, ok? Bye.

Donna Boucher said...

Wonderful, wonderful day!
Thank you for sharing your amazing faith with all of us our here in computer land.

Your family is a blessing to all of those who know you I am sure!

God bless you all!
Heal Luke, heal!