Thursday, September 02, 2004

We have a cough

Luke coughed 3 or 4 times this afternoon, this is awesome news. With the coughs, they were able to extract a lot of fluid from his lungs. Luke also received a pint of blood and is doing very well. He has been resting most of the day and his vitals are very good.

He has opened his eyes a few times today and they are looking more straight ahead, this is good.

Luke's brothers and sisters (Daniel 19, Amy 16, Natalie 15, Isaiah 5, Ezekiel 3) all came and visited today. They were all very happy to see look and look forward to a day when they can hold him and play with him again.


Leon said...

Hurray for Luke! Come on little guy you can do it.

Anonymous said...

Praise God!!!!!!!! Thank You Jesus!

Anonymous said...

Earlier this evening I was on the blog here and I pointed to the tiny picture of Luke and asked Benjamin who it was and he said "That's little Luke". He then asked if he was feeling better so I explained his progress the best I could to a three year old and told him that is why we are still praying for him and he replied "I pray for little Luke". It is touching to see that even my three year old son is full of compassion and pulling for Luke.

Anonymous said...

Praise God!!!!! We spent a good amount of our prayers praying for Little Luke to cough!!!! I know that you need to go from one point to get to the next! Please let us know what the next thing is we need to lift up in prayer???? We will keep on praying for sweet Little Luke!!! Blessings, Julie and Family....praying for you in North Carolina!!!

Anonymous said...



we are still praying for you Luke and your family

Mary, Jonathan, Michelle, Jeff and Rachael

Anonymous said...

Hallelujah!!! Our church is continuing to pray and believing God for a tremendous miracle that will be a testimony of His power to all doctors and relatives and friends. There is a God and He is our Healer! We love you Searles family and are praying for you too! God is good...all the time...God is good! "(We) can do all things through Christ who stengthens (us)" Bill & Becca - Centralia, WA

Anonymous said...

Oh praise God...praise His almighty grace and mercy...praise His love...praise Him, praise Him, praise Him. Go Luke...Go God!!! Go Searles family. How I love you all and boy does the Lord love you. He will never forsake you. Yes, one more will come...believe me I know. Just about the time you think, "well, that's it for miracles", He gives you one more. Even a cough is a miracle! Imagine what the next one will be. Thank you Jesus. I am praying for all of you. The Lord will continue to lift you all up and give you all that you need.

Love to you all.....Grandma Barbara

Anonymous said...

This is great news! Luke and you all continue to be in our prayers.

Mark, Charleen, Karin and Matthew

annecourager said...

Praise God! He is Good, and He does good!

Erin in Puyallup

Anonymous said...

May God bless this child. I learned of Luke from a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend. God has extended His territory for a child such as this. I pray God's favor on Luke. God has healed your son by the mere power of His love for him. Luke has a story yet to be told, a calling yet to be called and a life that is full on this day. God has blessed you as a family, behold this gift and remember God's favor.


Anonymous said...

I too can't wait to hug my precious baby and see his smiling face. God is so good. Auntie Cindy

Anonymous said...

This is absolutely wonderful news, Gordon! I look forward to hearing more of the same.

-- Michelle Robinson

Jenni said...

Thank You Jesus!! He's doing it!

The pictures make me cry to see such a little guy like that! I remember how hard it was to see my little guy in the ER with IV and everything and my Mama's heart just weeps and wants to make it all better. You hold in there Sue, Jesus is holding your little boy even though you cant right now!

Blessings to you all!

Jenni Burns