Thursday, September 23, 2004

Pictures and an update

First, I would like to apologize for not posting earlier (Wed/Thu), I know there are a lot of you out there that are checking this blog regularly. I posted a few pictures of Luke, yesterday he got dressed for the first time and then today he sat in his custom stroller for a little while.

Since the accident, Sue has spent the night in Luke's room sleeping in a chair. Last night for the first time Sue slept at home, while Dad substituted. This is why I didn't post last night and while I am playing catch up tonight.

We are still on target to go home next Tuesday afternoon. We will have 24 hr nursing for at least the first few weeks. The interviews with the nurses has gone well and we can see God's hand in bringing them to us. Our training is wrapping up and we are doing most of the trach care and suctioning in the hospital, so the transition to home should be smooth.

Luke had a swallowgram yesterday that determines where his saliva goes, lungs or stomach. Unfortunately it is going into both places. Please continue to pray that God will restore Luke's ability to swallow and maintain his airway.

As I was leaving this evening, they were taking Luke down to get a x-ray to determine if the pneumonia is gone and how his partially collapsed lung is doing. He was also going to get an MRI to help in determining his prognosis.

Many have asked what we are going to our little girl and at this point we have talked about a couple of different names, but we have not landed on a specific one. One person from our church suggested we begin spelling our last name Searles, so the little girls name would begin with S and they suggested "Seven" and then "E" could be "Eight"....hmmm....I don't think we are going to start counting nor are we going to continue spelling. I will say that we are open to any letter of the alphabet, as we are finished spelling :)

Thank you for your prayers, support and words of encouragement, they mean so much to each of us. I know they mean a lot to many of you as well, as you have been encouraged by watching the Lord strengthen us in our time of need.


Julie in NC said...

Hello Lukes Dad, I am so glad to see your post. We missed your update...sure made us pray more, we were scared that things we not well and hopping that thing were ok. I am so glad that Sue was able to rest at home. I am so excited that you will have Luke home next week. We will keep you in our prayers. I was asked at least 100 times about Little Luke over the past few days....he is a very loved guy! Blessings, Shane, Julie and Children.

Teena from GA said...

We have some monkeys here too!!! Thanks for updating us and yes, we have all been waiting but understand too! I am thinking of Sue and how she has stayed with Luke. My heart feels for her. We will be praying for the x-rays and MRI and all.... I do hope as you go home you will still update us on Luke. I hope it is okay to ask.... if our churches or home schooling groups want to minister to you.... in what ways can we..??? We are praying and have been but maybe other ways... just a thought. Have a blessed night.... thanks again for the update.
Our prayers are with you.
Friends from GA,
Billy, Teena, Michael, Mandi, Dakota, Alyssa, Wyatt, Wesley

sherryandkaty said...

I am so glad to hear an update on Luke! We are still standing with you in prayer for a swift, full recovery. I'm so glad God brought y'all into my life, sure has had me praying more. Isn't it sad that even in a Christian family, sometimes it takes a potential tragedy to get us communing with god like we should anyway? I know you sharing Luke's story has probably had that effect on others as well. I do hope even after y'all go home you will still update. I imagine I speak for most of the regulars here, we feel like Luke is a part of our family, and we would miss him if we didn't know what was going on with him!

In Christ,

Sherry and dh Jason, ds Jon, dd Emmy, dn Katy

Gordy AKA Luke's Dad said...

Julie in NC, I feel like I know you, we received the cards your childeren made, what a blessing. Maybe someday we will get a chance to actually meet.

Grace said...

Hi Gordy, Sue, Luke and all! I am posting on behalf of the Wild family from Kansas: Tim, Grace (that's me), Deborah (13), Prudence (10), Gideon (9), Hannah (6), Benjamin (4), Samuel (2), and David (11 months). We have been following your story and praying since the first week and look forward in faith to the day Luke is restored. As you see, we have 7 blessings as well, and our sixth blessing came with some extra challenges, as he has a very rare chromosomal abnormality which affects both the structure of his body and his development. So much of what your little Luke is now facing, our little Samuel has faced, and God is faithful to provide both grace and healing. Today Samuel runs and plays with his brothers and sisters with very few differences, which mostly I notice.

All that to say: my husband noticed that Luke's hands are always in fists in the photos since the accident. He wanted me to write and urge you to work on opening them so his fingers do not "freeze" in this position. Samuel was a couple of months old before he was diagnosed (or referred to a physician familiar with his condition) and his fingers had already lost a lot of their mobility --- getting it back is much harder than keeping them limber to begin with. I know that you said that he has splints, and I am sure that you have the situation under control --- we just wanted to give you the benefit of our experience.

May God richly bless you all!

Linda Shook said...

God is so good! I'm so happy to see the progress being made in Luke's recovery. I know your whole family must be a wonderful Christian testimony there at Mary Bridge. Luke's monkey shirt is darling. I have monkey's for know the "Monkey Wards" Still praying, Linda Shook (Julie W. mom)

Julie Ward said...

I'm so glad you got to post!! I wasn't worried per say , but anxious to know the 'latest' , someone mentioned earlier , needing the 'luke fix' LOL I need those too! :-) I'm still campaigning for the name of Julie!! LOL but NO pressure! LOL this report of Lukes contiued progress towards going home is AWESOME!! Getting back home is always the best thing, for everyone especially the patient! You two will be great caregivers!! Still praying, and being thankful! God Bless!
~Julie W.

Jenni said...

Hi Gordy, Sue and Family! We just wanted to say thank you so much for all of the posts, the pictures of Luke and the rest of the family are great I think the pictures really help us feel like we can see the little man we are praying for. I just wanted to comment though about your apology for not updating for a couple days. We have had a blog for a couple years now and though our circumstances for starting our blog were much different, you should never feel obligated to post every day. Know that we all understand that you have a busy life with a busy family and we will continue to pray and look for updates as life continues for all of us. We pray for you guys everyday even though you don't post every day and I know that there are hundreds of others who do the same.

I think the thing that I like most about this blog is how you give specific areas of needs and it is just amazing to think that there are possibly hundreds of people talking to Jesus about one little boys need to relearn how to swallow-that has got to move the heart of the Father, don't you think?! I do! Bless you all!

Love, the Burns Family

Cam & Kristen - Osaka said...

Hi Gordy and Sue,
So glad to hear you were able to sleep on a flat surface again, Sue! How was it? Are you going to miss the chair when you make the transition back home? (I suppose you COULD get a Lay-Z-Boy for the master bedroom. Anyway...)
We'll pray for preps for next Tuesday(Luke's "Homecoming"!): A good fit regarding professional care personnel in your home, and for your continued development in the skills you need to get down to take care of Lukey in the coming weeks. For Luke, we'll pray for his "relearning" the swallow reflex to keep fluid out of his lungs, and for complete healing of pneumonia and for strengthening of his lung. His is a pretty amazing story...because we have an amazing Author to the story!

april said...

Thought I would throw my idea in the basket for baby names. My favorit name is Nevaen. I know it sounds strange but it is heaven backwards.
I am praying for Luke and his family and a new healthy baby girl.

Jill said...

I just love all the comments and suggestions for the new little girl's name. :-) They make me laugh, and I can hardly wait for Sue & Gordy to post "the name". Sue I, too, am glad that you were able to have a night of sleep at home. I'll bet Isaiah and 'Zeke were happy little campers, too. I am glad to hear that God is putting together your nursing team and I will continue to pray that nurse's you really want will have no "hitches" to their schedules. Gordy, thanks for all the updates on Luke's progess and his current prayer needs. We love you and release you to have a day off here and there without any guilt about it.

All my love and prayers,