Monday, September 20, 2004

Pictures and an update

I posted some pictures of various people holding Luke over the past couple days. A few things I would like to point out from the pictures to help you understand his condition. In the picture with Amy you will notice Luke's eyes wide open. He does wake up, however he is not able to track movement with his eyes. He does move his head side to side and some movement of his eyes side to side in response to voices, in particular familiar voices (Mom, Dad, brothers and sisters). In the picture with Amy, Daniel and Natalie, Luke has a device on his trach that is called an artificial nose. The artificial nose warms, filters and moisturizes the air before it enters the lungs, much like our nose and mouth do for us. In the picture with Aunt Cindy you will notice a big white tube that is attached to Luke's trach. This tube delivers warm, moist air to Luke's trach with similar benefit as the artificial nose.

We interviewed nurses today and it went well. We will continue to work with the hospital and nursing toward taking Luke home, sometime in the next week or so.

Luke was moved from the PICU (Pediatric Intensive Care Unit) to the main Pediatric floor. This is an indication of Luke's progress and stability.

Thank you for all of the words of encouragement and support, We so greatly appreciate each and every one of them.


Julie Ward said...

Praise God for the good day!! It is so wonderful seeing the kids holding Luke!! I bet they were thrilled to pieces to hold him!! God Bless!!

renajoe said...

These pictures are like a soothing balm. You all look so beautiful and we are happy for the good report. You are ever in our prayers & thoughts each day. Looking forward to the homecoming. We send our love and hugs.
God bless,
Uncle Joe & Auntie Rena

Julie in NC said...
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Robert said...

Thanks for this update! Again, looks like progress from here. Still hoping and praying for ya, big guy!

Gordy AKA Luke's Dad said...

The ultrasound went well yesterday, I will post a picture later today. The baby is healthy and weighs apporximately 1 lb 14 oz. It is amazing technology and the ability to see various parts of the body is awesome. Stay tuned and I just might tell you what it is.

Julie in NC said...

Lukes Dad you are so funny! I am glad the sono went well and I would love to know what the baby is...shall I even guess. I am going to say its a girl! I guess we will find out if you post later are killing us over on the east cost...ya know that we stay up to all hours of the night to find out about little Luke and now we will be up...waiting to get word about Lukes little brother or sister (SMILE) very fun and exciting! Have a wonderful Day! Blessings, Shane, Julie and Children

Julie in NC said...

Hello, I was playing with the post and pushed the delete button on the above post....sorry about that. Blessings, Julie

Jasmyn said...

Well I can guess what Amy and Natalie want the baby to be (not to mention Naomi and Janelle)! :-)
I'm glad that Luke continues to improve and he is no longer in the PICU! That is really great news!
Thanks for always keeping us probably noticed the drop in the number of posts, but I wanted to tell you that just because we don't post doesn't mean we aren't contantly checking up on Luke!
(I'm having an exclamation point day!)
I'm disapointed that I'll be starting school tommorow, because I will no longer be able to check on Luke all the time. But I'm sure I'll make up for it during times I'm not in school.

Still praying,

Robert said...

The hit counter continues to climb. At over 17,000...I do believe there are lots of genuinly caring souls out there keeping track of Luke. Go LUKE!

Mary in S.A. said...

Thank you Gordy for posting those pictures. What a beautiful beautiful family you and Sue have! and for posting the ultrasound! I am weeping for joy for you both- a precious little girl added to your clan :)
We look forward to the day Luke will be romping around with his little sister. Thank you Lord!

reeders said...

Hi Gordy and Sue and Lil' Luke!!!

What an awesome blessing to come in this afternoon and see pictures of everyone holding Lil' Luke!! His eyes are such a beautiful sight to behold!!! Praise You God!! And now, we get to see a beautiful ultrasound picture of the soon to be Lil' girl, Searles #7!!!! Hallelujah!! Your blessings are so awesome God!! Let us never forget how precious these gifts are to us. They are a gift from God, He's saying well done, my good and faithful servants, here's another gift from Me to you!!! Praise Your Holy Name!!

Go Searles Go!!! We love you and are praying daily and really many times in a day for your whole family. God has an awesome plan for Luke's sweet little life and nothing can thwart it!! Go God Go!!

With lots of Jesus' Sweet Love your way!!

The Reeders'